Al McWhiggin Sleeping

Al sleeping.... Wow, isn't he a walking steriotype of an internet user?

Al is a villain from Spyro's adventures of Toy Story 2. He is a greedy toy collector who wanted to make money by selling Woody to the Koinichi Toy Museum.

Toy Story 2[1]Edit

Al is the owner of Al's Toy Barn in the Tri-County Area and appears as its mascot in the store's commercials: A giant chicken. He is a also a greedy toy collector, and made a deal with Mr. Konishi of the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan to collect the entire Woody's Roundup collection in the exchange for handsome payment. He spent an undetermined amount of time tracking down Woody and his gang, and eventually found Jessie, Stinky Pete, and Bullseye.

While attending a yard sale at Andy's house, he happened to come across Woody, who had just saved Wheezy the penguin from being sold. Al tried to buy him, but Ms. Davis refused to sell Woody as he is Andy's toy, and Andy was away at Cowboy Camp. Despite this, Al steals Woody when Ms. Davis had her back turned (by causing a distraction involving kicking a skateboard into a series of boxes) and made off with his prize. Buzz initially attempted to rescue Woody from the truck of Al's car, but failed due to losing his grip before he could open the trunk. However, he did ultimately gain a few clues despite the failure: a feather, as well as a glimpse of the license plate number. After deciphering the license plate number for his car "Al's Toy Barn" during the Crime Scene Investigation, and consequently identifying the culprit as being Al, and gaining a map to Al's Toy Barn from a commercial, Buzz and the gang then traveled to the city to save Woody.

Al was about to send Woody, Jessie, the Prospector, and Bullseye to the toy museum in Japan, but when he finally arrived to Japan, he realized that they were all gone, due to Buzz Lightyear's interference as part of his rescue mission. Shortly after this, he was seen on a commercial for his toy store, sobbing over his loss of fortune. Hamm responded to it by saying, "I guess crime doesn't pay."

Role in the series

Al reprises his role from the film.

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