Amos Slade

Amos Slade

Amos slade is a hunter not associated with the villain league, cause he nearly tried to hunt Fagin and is now a clear enemy, or any other villain team, yet is also one of the main villains from spyro and friends meet the fox and the hound, set to arrive in the near future. he was a very bad-tempered and trigger-happy farmer who was also an avid hunter, he saw Tod as a pest and had no hesitation in trying to shoot the fox multiple times whenever he strayed onto his property - he also had plans on making Copper into a hunting dog and thus treated the pup somewhat harshly (though he was never outright cruel to him). cause of him being somewhat kind (at least not full on abusing Cobber like a true villain would) he is not considered a villian but rather more of a jerk, but Fagin is at most disgusted by the fact Amos shows compathince to Copper, meaning that Fagin beleaves that he is no use to the villain leage, or any other villain orginisation, and even saids why he kills animals is mainly for sport, like a simple hunter, and not in the name of Malefor or whatever big bad guy where a true Villain leage material villain would have. also, Amos slade lacks supernaterial powers, while the villain leage does have some villains with no such powers, Amos also lacked speical skills like martial arts or super cunning to name a few, but, to Fagin, the biggest reason is that he has some amount of kindness, given that Amos is easily lolled by a puppy, and that he only resorted to sinister things is for the protaction of his chickens, and that he's an over-reacting fool. what confirmed Fagin's seemingly unjustived hatred is that he refused to fire at Tod when he had the chance, won over by Copper's protacting Tod and Tod saved him from Fagin, Ratigan, and the corrupted bear.

In the end Amos' temper was what truly made him a threat as he often flew into a rage and would open fire at will, even being described as a "trigger-happy maniac" at one point in the film.

Eventually Amos' foul temperment forced Tod's kindly owner to give him up and take him into the forest where she felt he would be safe - unfortunately for her Amos caught wind of this and decided to hunt Tod down to be rid of the fox once and for all.

During the chaos that ensued the old hunting hound Chief was injured by a fall and Copper blamed Tod, creating tension between the two friends and after taking Chief home to recover Amos and Copper returned to once again hunt Tod.

This time the battle was interrupted by the arrival of a very large and feral bear that tried to kill Copper and Amos on orders from fagin the vulture but Tod intervened to protect his childhood friend - falling down a waterfall in the resulting fray.

Amos prepared to open fire on the exhausted fox as he dragged himself out of the water but Copper finally came to Tod's aid and pleaded with his master - in the end Amos couldn't bring himself to betray his loyal hound and thus let Tod live.

Amos then returned to his farm and presumably never bothered Tod again as the fox was now happy and free in the forest.

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