Angel is a main character that first appeared in the animated series Lilo and Stitch. Angel is the female counterpart of Stitch and his primary love interest. Angel was originally created by Jumba Jookiba in order to turn good experiments evil. She speaks with a soft Scottish accent.

Appearances Edit

Lilo and Stitch: The Series Edit

Angel first appears in an episode of the animated series Lilo and Stitch. While Lilo and Stitch were playing in the town Stitch spots Angel and chases after her. Once he finds he he becomes attracted to her. Stitch tries to convince Lilo (who does not have a good feeling about Angel staying with them) to stay. Lilo eventually decides to agree with Stitch. Lilo tries to ask Jumba what was Angel designed for. Before he does Angel sings her melody to him and hypnotized him and he became evil. Angel then goes into town and turns nearly every experiment activated evil. Angel then rushes to her master Gantu and Stitch follows her nit knowing the truth. Pleakly, Jumbaa and Lilo go after him. Stitch is then captured and Gantu orders the evil experiments to destroy him. Just before they do Angel starts to realize she has feelings for Stitch, so she turns the experiments back to good and rescues Stitch.

Capture Edit

Angel is later captured by Gantu and taken away. Stitch starts to run after them but Lilo stops him and promises they will rescue her when they are ready

Rescue Edit

Later in the Series Stitch becomes depressed because Angel is still captured. That very day Gantu is about ready to send the experiments to Hamsterveil. Lilo and Stitch gather a group of experiments and go out to rescue Angel and the other imprisoned experiments. Stitch and Angel are reunited and are together again.

Leroy and Stitch Edit

Angel is kidnapped by Leroy during Dr. Hämsterviel's plan to control the galaxy. She and the other 623 experiments were taken to an arena to be eliminated but hope is regained when Stitch and Lilo arrive. The experiments battle Leroy and his clones and Angel battles alongside Stitch protecting her boyfriend.

Stitch! Edit

Stitch is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling. Angel travels a lot, but she stops at the island, at times, to visit Stitch and Yuna.

Role in the series

Angel reprises her role from Leroy and Stitch into the Spongebob series. And it is a good thing that this is her only role in the series, because if she were to accidentally sing her song of corruption to any shell louge squad member that was formerly evil, bad things would happen. So it is a good thing that Angel won't be captured anytime soon by the Villain League.

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