Anger Breeds Junjie is the 15th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles Series. With Chrysalis still upset about her kingdom and with the Villain League attempting to free her mother from her cocoon imprisonment, she ends up discovering a chance of revenge in a normally-distrustful source: Junjie. He has discovered that Starlight fuels her powers through emotion, hence an incident where her anger against Trixie Episode turned three ponies hostile against her. Though strangely, the other Villain Leaguers have contemplated this as a way to manipulate Gazelle because of her display of mean socialistic temper, while Chrysalis and Junjie's group plan to do this to Starlight and the others who cost Chrysalis her kingdom, even though Junjie was initially planning to use this to turn Starlight into a replacement for the Sin Ponies he lost. Chrysalis then decides to play into both their favors with this plan without knowing of each other's intentions. Thus, they use Gazelle and Starlight's issues against them as the growing anger loud energy is collected, mixed, and turned into an effective corruption powder specifically for them as their anger would mix and turn them into what can be described as harbingers of anger and socialist justice. The combined engeries of Gazelle's and Starlight's anger has already been used to infect the likes of Pred and the Sisters, Grimoors, The Amutt Family, Karl and his Berk Heartless friends, and Deer-A-Nator as being meant to be test drives and plan to release them onto a visiting Senator Tri-Corn in Canterlot visiting Celestia to discuss a means to try and keep Glitchcorn down ever since events of Emperor Lu Kang when an unfortunate discovery of shen's past has brought back to near-working order. Worse off, Starlight and Gazelle have the worse anger problems thanks to the leage's actions. Twilight decides to get help from a fellow student in the School for Gifted Unicorns in the form of a red Firebrand-like Unicorn named Furibund, who also has the ability to use emotions as a fuel source and was among the most bombastic and unstable students Celestia had, and once had a crush on Sunset Shimmer one time, and like Hayley Smith, had a King Kong-like rage when he was rejected, but he has since grown out of it. He explains the nature of the Angerstorm Pool, and just like Stresskies, if powerful enough, it can take a manifestation of something far worse than monkeys. They take the form of giant, ruthless, agile baboon/monkey/gibbon-like monsters called Angreys. Alchourse, by all means, Furi meant this to happen in a controled evioment where Gazy and Starlight can rage out all they want in a safe evioment. Unfortunately, the combined powers of Starlight's and Gazelle's anger only ends up making Angreys stronger then the convention, and more then too much for the reinforced room to handle. Thus, when the two end up creating said creatures, it's up to the heroes to stop this from causing serious harm, as well as to correct the Leage's shenanigans once again when Tri-Corn was heard being attacked by relapsed Monistairy members.


Meet Furibund

Furibund's Place

  • Furibund:... Alright, Private! Here's what you gotta do: Aim your horn at the dummy. I know it's not much for conversation, but I think you'll manage. (He does so)... Well, aiming closer is a good start. Now, blast, the dummy! (He missed) The dummy! (He missed again as he face-hooved) The DUMMY! (He missed again, and mysteriously a large blast occurred as he had a literal octopus for a head)... Well, I, did say stab the dummy. (Sighs) Private, just take a break. I'll be back in a moment.
  • ???: Mr. Furibund? (The Mane Seven came)...
  • Furibund: Oh... Princess Twilight! You... You came. I can see the guards are learning from that sickening moment of letting Wind Rider get away with his crime.
  • Pinkie: Actually, they just let us in. They said 'Welcome to Furibund's Home For Magic Surge Control'.
  • Furibund:... THEY JUST WHAT?!?
  • Pinkie: Yeah. Is that a problem?
  • Furibund: YEAH! I WAS DEALING WITH A MILITARY MATTER REGARDING THEIR LOW-CLASS LOW-GRADE INFANTRY, AND IT WAS A GOVERNMENT MATTER! THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO JUST, LET YOU IN! Even if the Princess was around, it was a necessity to ensure you weren't some defective changelings still in loyalty to Chrysalis or Junjie and his cronies, or imposter ponies of a rival nation out of steal secrets!
  • Rainbow Dash: "I'm pretty sure we don't have any of those."
  • Furiband: Bare with me, it was an exsample. Letting you in is asking for trouble, and it shouldn't be done like a walk to the fricking store!
  • Applejack: "To be fair, we don't have alot of cases of imposter royalty. Being a more peaceful world means conflict of a non-magical scale is kinda stupidly rare."
  • Rainbow Dash: Also, they did it at Wonderbolt Academy.
  • Furibund:..... (Facehooves!) IDIOTS?!...... (Sighs) I don't know if you've noticed, but Equestria's military sucks! Like, REALLY sucks! I mean, I know, we're not exactly like the non-friendship enlightened worlds, let alone our national neighters, were conflict and villainy are the freaking norm, so at best, the Guards are just regel decor and the Wonderbolts are over-glorifived spandex wearing pegici! But living in a world were problems are about as infrequint as a lost treasure or a flawless video game or an honest uncorrupt polotison, IS NO EXCUSE FOR LAUGHABLE PREFORMICES?! If you took their combined IQ and multiplied it by 100, you MIGHT have enough intelligence to tie your shoes without DROOLING all over yourself first!
  • Rainbow Dash: Oy! It's Firebrand's non-analyst cousin.
  • Furibund: Ha-ha! I get that a lot. But I don't give a flying feather about why they're like this because of the last captain of the Royal Guard or Shining's poor leading skills, Equestria has been so let down by them, Shining Armor and Cadance getting more guards not just for the Crystal Empire but Canterlot itself, is NOT going very well. The forces are either idiotic, to flat-out retarded! Or, to put less mean-spiritedly, are no consiquence to a major threat. Heck, I bet villains don't even CARE about that the Wonderbolts hold secret files for weaponised weather because of how INCOMPIDENT THEY ARE?!
  • Pinkie: "Maybe that's tecnecally a good thing because, cause it means that they don't care for something that could give them easy power."
  • Furiband: Besides the point. No wonder Celestia and Luna are beaten by the main enemy time and time again, both show canon and SAF canon, and thus leading to you six to come along, backup being opitional, and you all have to fix it. They are absolutely incompetent!
  • Applejack: Ain't you takin' this a little too seriously? I'm sure you can-
  • Furibund: You got a bottle of water?
  • Applejack:... No?
  • Pinkie: I DO! (She pulls it out) I keep it in case of water bottle emergencies.
  • Furibund: HEY, PRIVATE, COME HERE! (He did so)... Tell him to hold it!
  • Pinkie:.. Hold this. (He does so)... Now wha- (They turned around to see he was on fire)
  • Rainbow Dash: What in Celestia's beard? How did-
  • Private: I DON'T KNOW!!!
  • Furibund: See? THIS, is what Shining Armor claims he's been dealing with. He didn't mind it, I will grant you, but taking care of a child with the potential power of a thousand nuclear warheads, just ADDED to the stress. He's like me in this frustration. These forces, have just gotten worse as threat after threat comes and goes.
  • Pinkie: Well, in the canon show, we typicaly have to be the day savers because we're the stars Ergo, it's our show and not theirs-
  • Furibund: DON'T play that s*** with me, that's no excuse to have these guys be stupid.
  • Rarity: Darling, before we continue this coversation, can you at least put that colt out?
  • Furibund:... Stop, drop, and roll. (He did so, but ended up rolling into a magic pool that turned him comically and magically crazy things, until Furibund changed him back)... Private, give a depressing moan if you can still feel your everything. (He does so)
  • Twilight:... (Sighs) Shining Armor, what're you gonna do with these guys? (Openly) Well, we came because we need some help.
  • Furibund: And I would like to help, but I've kinda got a full plate here. These ponies need to improve, and I can't just abandon them for another. That's like desertion and abandonment of a post, and I am TOO familiar with that in my days in the School for Gifted Unicorns.
  • Twilight:... Celestia suggested we go to you for this. She can convince them to postpone it.
  • Furiband: ".... Okay, how impourent is it if Celestia's interupting an impourent exsirsize?"
  • Pinkie: "Oh, in involves Starlight Glimmer and Gazelle."
  • Furiband: "You mean the Cutie Mark Faux Communist Cultist Leader/Chronoterrorest and the Socialist Space Messiah?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Yes."
  • Furiband: "(Gives a Firebrand stare at the camera)....... Okay, what did Stalinlight Glim-Mao do this time, and what's the situation with the Almighty African Deer Trump Card?"
  • Applejack: "Before we explain, you mind give a good explamation with the names?"
  • Furiband: "Well, everything that has been said about Starlight Glimmer NOT being given proper punishment for her actions and BEING MADE A PERSONAL STUDENT TO A PRINCESS, who mind you, HAS MULTIABLE TIMES GAVE YOU TROUBLE, and is pretty much given a road to redemption! I mean, come on! Discord had to earn HIS! Her backstory isn't even that tragic! Her reason for starting a cult, subugating an un-named town, TWICE, and endangering the fabric of time, was all over a friend leaving because of a Cutie Mark?! She acted as if that thing killed him or something! Heck, a cutie mark causing an accsidental death would've been a less frustraighting and disapointing excuse then that?! And as for the Political Correctness Diva! She was BARELY IN ZOOTOPIA THE MOVIE?! She didn't even interacted with a SINGLE character!? She was EYE CANDY and a SHAKIRA TOP BILLING BAIT at best as a character?! And, THAT'S, worthy of a powerful brand of Keyblade capable to unite worlds and battle dark forces?! Cause, oh what, she MANAGED to beat an incompident doof of a Moth Alien who wouldn't think to watch his back even in a deserted area near a TAR PIT?!"
  • Pinkie: "..... Wow, you're such a stark critic. Well then, in that case, then you probuly won't be interested in fixing their anger problems."
  • Furiband: "I- (A quack was heard as he made a surprised face)..... Say what now?"


Chapter 1: Chrysalis Has A Plan

Chapter 2: Angry Gazelle and Starlight

Chapter 3: Raging Fury

Chapter 4: Furibund

Chapter 5: Rampage of the Monastery

Chapter 6: Final Confrontation




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Darwin's Rage Scream

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