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Anger Breeds Junjie is the 12th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles Series. With Chrysalis still upset about her kingdom and with the Villain League attempting to free her mother from her cocoon imprisonment, she ends up discovering a chance of revenge in a normally-distrustful source: Junjie. He has discovered that Starlight fuels her powers through emotion, hence an incident where her anger against Trixie Episode turned three ponies hostile against her. Though strangely, the other Villain Leaguers have contemplated this as a way to manipulate Gazelle because of her display of mean socialistic temper, while Chrysalis and Junjie's group plan to do this to Starlight and the others who cost Chrysalis her kingdom, even though Junjie was initially planning to use this to turn Starlight into a replacement for the Sin Ponies he lost. Chrysalis then decides to play into both their favors with this plan without knowing of each other's intentions. Thus, they use Gazelle and Starlight's issues against them as the growing anger loud energy is collected, mixed, and turned into an effective corruption powder specifically for them as their anger would mix and turn them into what can be described as harbingers of anger and socialist justice. The combined engeries of Gazelle's and Starlight's anger has already been used to infect the likes of Pred and the Sisters, Grimoors, The Amutt Family, Karl and his Berk Heartless friends, and Deer-A-Nator as being meant to be test drives and plan to release them onto a visiting Senator Tri-Corn in Canterlot visiting Celestia to discuss a means to try and keep Glitchcorn down ever since events of Emperor Lu Kang when an unfortunate discovery of shen's past has brought back to near-working order. Worse off, Starlight and Gazelle have the worse anger problems thanks to the leage's actions. Twilight decides to get help from a fellow student in the School for Gifted Unicorns in the form of a red Firebrand-like Unicorn named Furibund, who also has the ability to use emotions as a fuel source and was among the most bombastic and unstable students Celestia had, and once had a crush on Sunset Shimmer one time, and like Hayley Smith, had a King Kong-like rage when he was rejected, but he has since grown out of it. He explains the nature of the Angerstorm Pool, and just like Stresskies, if powerful enough, it can take a manifestation of something far worse than monkeys. They take the form of giant, ruthless, agile baboon/monkey/gibbon-like monsters called Angreys. Alchourse, by all means, Furi meant this to happen in a controled evioment where Gazy and Starlight can rage out all they want in a safe evioment. Unfortunately, the combined powers of Starlight's and Gazelle's anger only ends up making Angreys stronger then the convention, and more then too much for the reinforced room to handle. Thus, when the two end up creating said creatures, it's up to the heroes to stop this from causing serious harm, as well as to correct the Leage's shenanigans once again when Tri-Corn was heard being attacked by relapsed Monistairy members.


(Gag Clip)

Darwin's Rage Scream-000:19

Darwin's Rage Scream-0

(Angreys' Theme)

Witch Doctor (Azza B & 2Shots Remix) - Cartoons04:13

Witch Doctor (Azza B & 2Shots Remix) - Cartoons

(Furibund's Emotional Trial Theme)

Epic Metal - Rage of the Universe06:32

Epic Metal - Rage of the Universe

(Final Battle Theme)

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex - Crunch Time Music02:02

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex - Crunch Time Music


Chapter 1: Chrysalis Has A Plan

Chapter 2: Angry Gazelle and Starlight

Chapter 3: Raging Fury

Chapter 4: Furibund

Chapter 5: Rampage of the Monastery

Chapter 6: Final Confrontation


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