Atlantis is the homeworld of Milo, Kida, King Kashekim, the crew of the Ulysses, Rourke, Helga, Volgud, the Kraken, the Shocktroopers, Chakashi, Hellstrom, and the Chaos Lords. It was a powerful empire established thousands of years ago that was mostly destroyed by a terrible spell casted by Dark Cynder during the Second Cartoonian War, sinking Atlantis into a underwater cavern (With a tip of it's location from Merlock) and it was in ruins. But after the events of SpongeBob and Friends Find Atlantis, Cynder was able to redeem herself for what she did to the city by saving it from the Villain League, and is no longer hated. It is also the locations of another alien colonization of the Atlantians from the SpongeBob variant after they discovered it long before it's ruining, and Lord Royal Highness had adopted Kida as his adopted uncle, and after the events of Atlantis Squarepantis, he is revealed to be occasionally staying at the Disney Atlantis as a co-ruler. After the events of SpongeBob and Friends Meet The Great Mouse Detective, Atlantis finally resurfaces and rejoins the UUniverses.

History (SAFA Variant)

Atlantis was a civilization in a secluded place in the UUniverses. It was the first place in it's world to actually make contact with other-worldly beings in the form of the Atlanteans of SpongeBob's universe, which had been another one of their space scouting for new worlds. The two Atlantean peoples were able to get along perfectly, and a child Lord Royal Highness had just grown old enough to aid in the survival of this Atlantis. Kida and LRH became good friends at the time, and King Kashekim welcomed LRH as his co-ruler. But one fateful day, a comet passed down across Atlantis and crashed as a single piece broke off and fell upon the landmass that was inhabited by the Atlanteans. To their astonishment, they managed to discover the great properties possessed by the comet fragment. Soon, they would use the fragment, which they called the Heart of Atlantis, as their source into becoming a more-advanced civilization than any other before in history, and that it had purifying capabilities that allowed it to cure corruptions more powerful than anything else. The Alien Atlanteans decreed to help share their knowledge of science with them, and they played a role in making Atlantis what it is now.

However, this ended up attracting Villain League attention, and they wanted to misuse the crystal to free the Darkspawn after several of them were getting banished one-by-one in mid-late Second Cartoonian War. But when they refused and attempted to cure Dark Cynder of her corruption with the crystal, she ordered an immediate invasion of Atlantis, and she casted a tidal wave that threatened to wipe out Atlantis as a whole. The crystal that had fueled their technology and gifted them with extended longevity, would save a part of the city, though it would be buried beneath the waters and deep into the Earth, leaving Dark Cynder and the Villain League with the pleasure that they might never be seen again.

Humbled by their fate, the Elders of Atlantis, in particular it's King Kashekim Nedakh, decided to keep the crystal a secret from even his people forever so that, in the case the Villain League should discover that they were alive, they would come back, steal the crystal, counter-reverse it's powers and use it to bring back the Darkspawn. Kashekim went further by ordering all of Atlantis' history to be destroyed and hid the crystal deep within the city through the Throne Room. Overtime, their past glory had been all but forgotten. Even LRH was temporarily sent off while his father had taken his place as co-ruler until his death.

At some point, a shepherd named Aziz managed to stumble upon Atlantis. For two years, he secretly immersed himself in its culture, uncovering bits and pieces of its past, including the location of the Heart of Atlantis. Upon his return to the surface, however, he was considered a madman and subsequently sent to an asylum. While imprisoned, he would detail his journey in great detail, albeit in the Atlantean language. His writings would become known as the Shepherd's Journal. Eventually at that time, LRH's father would die along the way, and thus, LRH would come back a few times to make contributions with his new position while helping with an underwater colony in another familiar world. Plus, the Shepherd's Journal would fall into the hands of someone with enough intelligence to save Atlantis, along with some new friends.

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