"You have brought dishonor to our vacation! Prepare to be vanquished!"- Spongebob aganist Audrey 2

Th Attack was a major engagement between Louge and League. The destruction of Lilo's home and villain failure to retrieve Kairi or Stitch.

Prelude and Encounter

While Lilo and Lani wait for Cobra to pick up Lilo, David gets to the house and tells Lani of a store willing to give her a job. Lani leaves Lilo at the house.

Also, Stitch awoke after running off to a forest. Kairi managed to find Stitch only to be near an awaken Audrey 2. Seeing his prey, Audrey snatches Kairi and begins to harass her with a song, ready to contain her in his mouth. The Louge is able to catch up with the lost 2. Spongebob engages Audrey and free Kairi (With Sandy's help) only to be chomped by Audrey. Sandy then comes to his aid and beats up the plant and hurls it to the edge. Audrey vows to bring backup, leaving the Louge to get to the house.


The Louge runs as alien mercenaries and militia pursue them, lead by Galaxhar. Banzai urges Kairi to run for the skyship, while they hold off the villains. As they were about to leave, the aliens broke in and began blasting the area. Audrey begins his terror song starting the brawl. Giromonica and her friends take down 50+ of Galaxhar's clones as more kept coming. Max's spin attack takes down the pirates of TP. Digimon people discover Audrey's vunerable to electricity (or at least his prime weakness). Thundera and Kapumon vaporize Audrey's vines, causing him to self-destruct. Cella and her "comrades" arrive and lead the Louge away from the area before the House explodes, causing Bill to get shot out to the sky. Firemen go to the flaming wreckage as Lani runs with shock.


"Is this what she needs!?!?! "- Mr. Bubbles

Bill lands with a thud, to the relief of the Lougers. Lucky Jack discovers tracks made by Galaxhar and Scroop and they follow them. Cobra is eraged of Lani's responsibility and takes Lilo into his car. Lilo gets away as Cobra and Lani argue, Kairi followed her along with the Louge.

Attack at Lilo's House


So n' So Shell Louge Victory

  • The House of Lilo destroyed
  • Later capture of Lilo and Kairi
  • Discovery of Stitch's alien colors

Shell Louge Squad Villain leage






Audrey 2

Shell Louge Villain leage forces

  • Lilo's House destroyed
  • Bill shot up in the sky (later comes down)

Lost of Scroop's and Galaxhar's forces, including:

  • Audrey 2

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