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Ayam Aghoul

Ayam Aghoul

Ayam Aghoul is a Dark Spawn Lord zombie and is a major enemy of Aladdin. Aghoul is from the netherworld, a.k.a the Banished Realms, and often escapes to attempt revenge on Aladdin for banishing him to the realm of the dead.

Ahoul first appeared in the episode "Spice is Right", where he revealed he had once used a cursed necklace to capture young women into becoming his brides; when they died he moved on to another. Aghoul made the mistake of trying to force his necklace onto an enchantress who imprisoned him inside his own necklace, buried with magi spice inside a chest, which was placed deep into a well in the hopes that no one would ever find it. Aladdin and his friends found the chest and Aladdin, not knowing the dangers of the necklace, gave it to Jasmine. But when Jasmine placed the necklace around her neck Aghoul was freed and claimed her as his next bride


Aghoul is an undead sorcerer who makes use of various evil magicks, demons, and undead servants. He often conjures explosive skulls to throw at his enemies but has a;p conjured other items, like a scythe. Still, Aghoul has demonstrated other dark powers, such as transforming into a literal whirlwind of destruction, conjuring skeleton servants, giving life to his own Shadow, which can give life to other shadows and also make them evil, trapping others in conjured spiderwebs, summoning and controlling eels, creating a conchshell that, when blown, opens a pathway through an ocean, invulnerability and great durability to pain afforded to him by his undead status, energy-blasts, enchanting others in complete paralysis, teleportation, levitation, and he has implied he can bring about plagues, like locusts and bloodworms.

Role in the series

Aghoul is a member of the Villain League, yet he has not appeared yet in the series due to lack of footage for him. also, Scroopfan never thought of him, so he is now on the considered list.

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