The HA and the Lodge are called to deal with a problem concerning a planet called Gontroy. Discovering that this world is like the Overwatch world, it concerns a banned hero group known as the Neo Core, who has been building up more heroes greatly since Icky and Iago ended up stopping that museum robbery in Icky and Iago: Lost in the AUU. Turns out, the general who created the ban cause of harsh pressure from a perfectionest goverment and a blind public, General Pelles, is once again being twisted of his arms by the same perfectionest goverment that has had enough of this force declaring treason against the Pelles Act, which illegalized their herowork, and thus, once again being threaten of his job if he doesn't comply, calls out a new division to take them out and punish them for good. With the AUU Grand Council worrying that this will result in a civil war, they call the HA and the Lodgers to take care of it. Thus, with this new team capturing old and new Neo Core agents alike, they must do whatever they can to stop a war. But when the mission is sabotaged by mysterious agents strangely in Neo Core attire, working for conspirators who had a hand in the Neo Core's destruction for criminal gain, a civil war is now on the horizon as Pelles is made by the perfectionist government, ruled by Governor O'Shirgue, nicknamed 'Pile O'Shit' or 'Pile O'Spit' to modest people, to declare a genocide on all Neo Core agents, and forbids the HA and Lodgers' aid, specifically by placing them in imprisonment where even they cannot escape. Thus, with the heroes trying to find a way to escape, the Neo Core agents must find a way to prevent this needless civil war before it begins while they wait. However, they captured the fake Neo Core Agents and were forced to admit that they're actually two lowly pawns hired by Shirgue to frame the Neo Core of the travesty, and that he is actually an angry endling of a hideous bug race in disguise, as Gontroy once had an unfortunate prior history before the Neo Core, as before they became a famed hero group, they were once powerful weapons against Shirgue's true race, The Gontroids, which were powerful Teadr 1 beings that worshipped the warlike Teadr 1 Voxums that were on the verge of becoming a Teadr 0. However, they were not humble about this as they enslaved other beings to do their bidding, but only because of their cruelty that the revolting slaves and the newly formed Neo Core felt entitled to destroy the Gontroids, leaving Shirgue to be raised as the last of their kind after being found as an egg. But after learning of his origins, he made himself artificially immortal, and conspired to get his revenge, even being responsible for the Omnican Revolt and making the government obnoxiously perfectionist and overplays the mistakes of the Neo Core, which grew since it disbanded years prior, to make them look bad, even when they're either accidents or when the ones most harmed were legitimate terrorists or those with no value of life and couldn't have been stopped either way. Thus Shirgue basically wants to make the Neo Core suffer like how he suffered, then afterwards, his criminal partner in the form of the notorious enemy of modern Gontroy and the leader of the criminal activity of Gontroy itself, A Grutt named Nemeous the Crimemind, will return the favor of creating him a new lawless world by bringing Shirgue's race back through stolen Helix Transgenics technology, along with stocked Voxum DNA saved by the Gontroids. With the Lodgers and HA finally busted out by the Neo Core, they go to Pelles and expose Shirgue's true colors. But upon finally being exposed and turning everyone against him, Shirgue takes drastic measures and activates an override self-destruct device planted deep witin the planet's core that uses it's geothermal energy against it and will soon cause it to reach critical mass in less than 10 minutes and destroying the planet, proclaiming that if he couldn't have Gontroy, neither could they. With so many cities and the capital being at threat, can our heroes put this disturbed endling out of his misery before the biggest sin of the Neo Core's past ends up harming them?


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Overwatch Music - (01) Overture

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