This battle was between Ratigan and his followers and The Lougers and Allied Forces. It ends at the Big Ben Clock Tower where Ratigan falls to his presumed death.

Ratigan orders a Shocktrooper gunner to fire in his desired direction during the early stages of the battle.


During the quest to find Claudia's father, they stumble across Ratigan's Base. They find Kairi as well as Olivia's father.

Battle Sequences

The vikings and alantean forces were already on their way to find Ratigan, before he took the fight to them. Hiccup however was getting his friends to befreind their dragons. The Vikings start demolishing the rock wall to reveal Ratigan and followers right there welcoming their friends to their lair. Then Ratigan points out that they upseted him and show them what happens after that by ringing his bell. Red Death then appeared and started to attack the Vikings, following it by destroying most of their war machines and several battleships. Milo and his squadron attacked the villain leage shocktroopers led by Shere Khan and Zira. The shock troops then send their airplanes to attack them. As the forces fought back vigirously, Hiccup and his dragon forces fought against Red Death. Shern Khan is bitten by tail by the hyenas and they are thrown into a gong. Spongebob and Patrick bang a gong of their own to lure Khan away from the hyenas. Simba follows this move and does so. Khan goes into a frenzy until Patrick bangs the gong too hard that it falls off and reveals the duo. Shere Khan then threatens to kill the duo if Simba doesn't come out to face him. But when Shere Khan calls Patrick tubby, after a conversation about being an excellent kickboxer, the starfish punches Shere Khan. The duo runs for a cliff as Shere khan pursues them. The edge though falls and Sher Khan falls and is then trapped under a statue head. Shenzi is able to grasp Spongebob's hand and Patrick's before they would fall as well.

Ratigan then summons Savio after the penguins. The penguins evade the snake until they reach a pen with bert It then proceeds to whack Savio hard. Though the atlantian team start to get shot down, Hiccup takes the fight to the sky as Red Death follows behind. Zira then fights Kiara as they fight near a waterfall. Zira is then eaten by the Serpent Lord.

Basil, Dawson, and Olivia's freed father then join in from their balloon. Though Nightfury loses a part of its made-wing tail, it is able to lure Red Death to open its mouth and Night fires a bolt of fire to critically damage the Dragon. Basil jumps onto Red Death to Ratigan who is commandin it all this time. Red Death starts to head straight to Big ben Clock Tower as Basil and Ratigan have a moment to jump off before it crashes into the tower, killing it. Crane and Fidget fly into the hole to help Basil.

Duel in Big Ben

Basil wakes to find himself in the clock tower Big Ben. Ratigan strikes at Basil, though Olivia warns him. Olivia frees herself by biting Ratigan's hand. Olivia is thrown onto a gear and is prepared to get crushed by the cranks. Basil manages to get Olivia and they ascend to safety, with Fidget rashberrying Ratigan, causing Ratigan to go loco. Basil manges to get Olivia to her father, as Ratigan pulls Basil to their final duel. As they fight, Toothless the nightfury roars amd causes a great shake that throws Ratigan to his death. Basil falls too but is able to fly onto a propeller, saving himself and ending the Britain War.


Following the battle, Basil and Dawson enjoy their lives as Olivia and her father go off to see the rebirth of Alantis. The spear restores the balance to the world and everyone is amazed. Kairi is moved back to Ingnightus by Nightfury, under the High Council Orders.

Fidget gains a letter explaining that the Louge is wanted to go to Hollywood to flim their victory remake from Camelot. Shifu and the Furious Five plus Po stay behind to guard Atlantis, while the Louge makes their journey.

Battle at Great Britain(Ratigan Invasion)


Shell Louger Victory

  • Ratigan presumed dead
  • Louge gains invitation to go to Hollywood
  • Alantis saved

Shell Louge Squad

SLS Allied Forces

Villain League






Shere Khan+


Shell louge squad and allied forces Villain leage and war machines

  • Several vikings and atlantians
  • Moderate losses to viking war machines and ships and Alatean aircraft
  • All the villain leagers and support ordanance, except Ratigan.

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