Battle for Camelot

The battle for Camelot was a major battle between the Shell Louge Squad and Villian League. It results in the death of Lord Cobra, again and Dark Cynder cured of her darkness by spyro and spayrx.


The Battle

At the gates to Camelot, Cobra's forces, hiding inside the carts move into place near the castle. Bladebeak decides to betray Cobra and Dark Cynder by freeing Kayley. She only has a moment to speak out the trap before Lord Cobra orders the attack. The Villain League and their allies jump out of the carts and attack the Knights of Camelot.

Battle for Camelot

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends on the quest for Camelot

Outcome: Decisive Shell Louge Squad Victory

Shell Louge Squad The Villian League



Lord Cobra

Dark Cynder


Shell Louge Squad

Camelot Knights

Villian League

Snake Demon Legions

none known

Dark Cynder


almost the entire leage


snake demon aremona.

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