"Now I call my army of the dead. The Cauldron Born and the Darkspawn brotherhood army"- Horned King activating the Black Cauldron

This battle was a major battle between the Louge and the Leage, and almost the grang return of the Dark Spawn.


Fairies and Hellfire

The group gets suck into a whirlpool and are brought to a area with fairies. They reunite with Kairi and Henyn and the Louge moves onward.

Frollo goes into a deep rage vowing to be loyal to the Villain cause marked for his sin and bring vitory to Malefor, although at first questions this loyalty before confrounted by Mirage and the Leage.

The Hags and the Cauldron

The Louge comes across the Hag cabin, which they see the sword. Taran will trade the sword for the Black Cauldron. The deal is struck and in place is the cauldron. Taran regrets his decision saying his nothing without the sword. Princess says that Taran is somebody and has given courage. After a short relieve, the Villain League ambushes them and is able to arrest them and bring them to the castle, though Gurgi escapes.


With the Louge tied up, the Horned King calls for his army of darkspawn and dead with the cauldron. The entire army of Darkspawn appear and Malefor himself appears in sight of his victory. The armies march into the area. Gurgi arrives and frees his captive friends.

Duel with Malefor and Darkness

Spyro and Cynder is faced with Malefor in an epic duel near the cauldron. Malefor fights with his brutal fire and power, but the dragons avoid it and continue to bash away at Malefor's health till he was vunerable. Together, Spyro and Cynder combine light power to defeat Malefor. Taran tells the group he will go and sacrifice himself to destroy the cauldron, much to their horror, but Gurgi stops him and after words of his compassion for his friends, he jumps into the cauldron with Shenzi's push. Suddenly the darkspawn warriors start to vanish and the army of dead collapses. Malefor is dragged to his demise by the hands of the Dragon Spirits. The Horned King is defeated and killed by being sucked into the cauldron itself. Mirage is disappointed that the Sponge and Louge were able to defeat their forces. The surviving villains leave the area as the palace collapses. the Louge gets away as the castle is destroyed, shooting Bill upward to the sky. The group settles at land, knowing they accomplished.


The Hags arrive and congradulate the Louge and offers the sword for the cauldron. But Taran asks for Gurgi instead and with that the deal was struck. After a whoosh, Gurgi's body was placed at the beach. Taran finds Gurgi alive and the Louge celebrates their victory and the group moves on with their friends.

Meanwhile, Nefarious plans his rehearsal as Lawrence arrives to inform him of his arch rival's demise (Malefor), but shows him the responsible Squad who did it. Nefarious is enraged and tells Lawrence they would soon face the Louge, then returns to his acts where he accidentaly kills a Nefarious trooper much to Lawrence's warning of such safety.

Battle for the Black Cauldron

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends Find the Black Caudron


Shell Louge Victory

  • Dr. Nefarious learns of this and prepares to someday face the Louge.

Shell Louge Squad Villain Leage







Horned King+



Shell Louge Squad Villain leage

Gurgi (briefly dies, later resurrected).

Villain leage retreated due to failed plan:

  • Castle of the Horned King
  • Nearly all of the Horned King Barbarians and Dead Knights
  • Dark Spawn Banished again.
  • Horned King Banished as well

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