"Like Mr. Krabs says. It's now or never."


This battle marked the fight between Sykes and his men vs the Shell Louge and allies.


Fagin (Human) owes a debt to Sykes to pay to Sykes. Unfornutaley, he doesn't have the payment. Further more, Sykes heard of a princess of heart and wants her as well as the money. Fagin has been abstracted by Oliver, a kitten wanting a new home. Fagin is ordered to claim the money and kitten. Fagin is able to give the kitten to Sykes. Oliver thoguh goes to Fagin. Impressed, Sykes gives Fagin 12 hours to claim his money.

Jenny comes to claim Oliver, giving Fagin the money he needs for the kitten. they all meet at the docks, Kairi was there as well. Fagin decides to give Oliver to Jenny. However, Sykes and his henchmen spot them. They all attack and Deadpool is able to catch Kairi and Sykes claims Jenny. Sykes gets the idea of selling Jenny to her father to get the money himself.


"Po, get Shen so we can find Sykes and the league and bring them to justice."

-Shifu's orders to Po

The Louge gains the help of Shen. Shen leads the group into the warehouse, avoiding attention from the League. Sykes meanwhile is ready to call for Jenny's owner's and claim a ransom. The dogs of Fagin are able to lure Sykes away from Jenny and Kairi, allowing the Louge to rescue them. Scroop then attacks Spongebob, but John Silver arrives and holds him off. Scroop then damages Silver's leg and attacks. Po is able to beat off Scroop and Deadpool and send them into the sky. Poodle of Jenny then throws down a huge blanket on Sykes hounds.

Hanz and Savio however feel a change of heart. They explain why they had to do all of the Villain League stuff, not for revenge but to redeem. Both feel themselves as slaves of the Villain League. Shen offers them a chance to redeem themselves by spying on the League, after they take down sykes.

The Louge, after they told Hanz and Savio to hide out, escape by swinging on a ladder, despite being beaten by signs. However, they stood against sykes and his hounds, intending to finish them off. Shen though is able to use his secret cannon from his ship and fires on Sykes, sending him into the waters, killing him. Sykes hounds are unable to fight the Louge at that point and instead retreat.


"I mean don't get us wrong Kairi, we like hanging out with you. We're just freaken tired of you going Princess Peach on us everytime"

"It's ok, as fun it was to be with you I do feel safer at the temple."

- Banzai and Kairi after the battle

Savio and Hanz are sent back to the HQ Villain League. Hanz questions why the redemption has to remain secret, but Skipper says it was better than to be killed by Mirage for treason.

Jenny's birthday party was held afterword. Then Fagin's dogs prepare to go their way, but not before given the position of SpecOps of the Louge. Kairi is to be kept under heavy watch and sent back tot he temple, mainly due to the fact she was being a "Princess Peach" all the time. Kairi agrees and prepares to go back to safety.

more stuff can be explained in the video of the epilouge of this video, more at the later part.

439px|right|skip to 2:20

Battle near Sykes's Hideout


Louge Victory

Shell Louge Squad Villain League





Fagin (Human)



Shell Louge Squad

Fagin (Human) and his dogs

Kairi and Jenny

John Silver

Villain League

2 Hounds


Scroop and Deadpool


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