"As we speak, the Villain League begins their attack on Camelot. All seems lost"

-Kowalski about the upcoming battle This marks the battle between the Shell Louge Squad and The Villain Leage in Camelot. It's when the Shell Lougers cured Dark Cynder and stopped her plans for the conquest of Camelot. Lord Cobra was resurected when Excalibur was fused to his arm, and he planned to kill King Arthur for his soul, and awaken the darkspawn once more.


Lord Cobra is resurrected and orders the attack on Camlot.

The Louge discusses what to do next. Shifu orders the Louge to find reinforcements and defend Camelot, while he goes to the tower to confront Cobra. Despite the protests of Shenzi, Shifu says that it was time for them to continue without him and that he was very proud to fight beside all of them. The Louge moves to Camelot afterward.


As The League moves to Camelot with their prisoners, Bladebeak betrays Cynder by freeing Kayley. Kayley is able to warn the Knights, just as Cobra orders the attack to begin. The Villains arrive and begin to fight the Knights. Camelot Spore Knights were to confront the mssive Snake Demon Legions of Lord Cobra. They fend off many, only for huge carriers to attack and deploy more Snake Demons.

Shifu's Sacrifice

Shifu calmly waits and then Lord Cobra appears in front of him. Cobra greets his old friend, stating he's found his new home. Shifu replies that Camelot was not his home and no longer Shifu is his ally. Cobra taunts about Shenzi not appearing, but Shifu declares the fight was between Lord Cobra and him. After a final exchange, the two fight. Cobra charges and throws rocks at him, but Shifu deflects them and punches Shifu into the tower. During the fight, cobra tells Shifu about what happened in the past. He only tried to make Oogway proud, but when Oogway sensed danger after the cartoonian war and Shifu walked away, it tore him apart. Shifu tells Cobra he was responsible for not obeying Oogway and caused the universes to seperate. Cobra enraged tossed swords at Shifu and the red panda is able to block them and insited it wasn't his decision to make. The two continued to exchange blows and even took the fight to the sky. Cobra said whatever he did, it was to make Oogway proud and demanded Shifu to tell him how proud Oogway is now, before plowing him with a powerful fist punch and the sword of Camelot.

Fighting escalates

Kayley and Garrett hear of Shifu's duel with Cobra. The griffen flies in as the pengiuns deal with it. The duo fall into a hay cart and ride to find Shenzi. Faciler orders the League minons to turn on the Louge. They are able to fend off Rhino Brutes and Wolf Seekers with the help of Robin Hood and friends. Viper traps John to give up. Mulan and her firends, with Sam and Max take down Shan-Yu and his Huns.Devon and Cornwall save the penguins from death and fight off the griffen and defeats it. The digimon fight the rebel digimon. As the Camelot Army clashed with the Iron Men, Monty and Seven 11 join the fight and relieve the Spore Knights by killing and blasting the Snake Demons and Carriers, weakinging the Snake Demon Forces.

Dr.Facilier's Offer

Facilier's shadow minions chased Shenzi, and the other Shell Lougers down, where Facilier was in presuit and he used his voodoo magic to turn Shenzi into a human. He offered her a fancy restraunt and a life of luxury if she joins the Villain Leage again. Shenzi refuses, and Facilier reminds her of Scar blaming her and the other hyenas for what he did, about all those people who tortured her, including Mufasa, about what she and her friends did to Dennis, and Scar's deal to her of making sure Mufasa would never harm her or her friends again by killing him. Listening to this, the Shell Lougers get angry at Shenzi for what she did to Mufasa. This angers Shenzi, and she realizes that Facilier was trying to turn her friends against her, so she could be a corrupted slave, and tries to destroy Facilier's meddalian, but Facilier's shadow stops it, and Facilier changes Shenzi back into a hyena, and tries to send her to hell. Batty charges in, and grabs the meddalian, and Miguel and Tulio smash it, thus having Facilier's FOTOS (Friends on the Other Side) send him to hell again. Shenzi then tries to find Shifu and save him from Lord Cobra.

Lord Cobra's Defeat

Shenzi finds Shifu weakened by Cobra's attacks, and how he apologized for not curing him from Malefor's darkness when he didn't have the chance. But Lord Cobra's hate was just too strong. Shifu tells him that King Arthur was safely escorted out of the castle, and that Lord Cobra would never fully restore his powers. As Lord Cobra tries to kill him, Shenzi pounces him out the window. Lord Cobra tries to strike her down, but instead, he misses when Shenzi mysteriously did a backflip move, causing Excalibur to be sliced back into it's stone. As a result, Lord Cobra is disintegrated, and defeated once again.

Dark Cynder's Defeat

Spyro encounters Dark Cynder again, and fights her. After a huge battle, Cynder starts to do aerial attacks. Then Spyro does his ultimate attack, that brings Cynder down. Then Cynder turns back to normal, and she is finally cured. Though Shifu was hurt, he was still alive and King Arthur regained his sword.


"Wow. It's as Ooogway for told. The Shell Louge Squad is victorious!"- Shifu recovering from the fight

Kayley and Garrett are knighted and the Louge dances. Kayley and Garrett kiss for victory. Shifu recovers and is impressed that Ooogway told the truth of the prophecy. Kayley and Garrett leave for a ride as they got married.

Cynder's Redemption

"Do you want to redeem yourself?"

"Well uh yeah!"

"Then I am your master."

" for caring!"

-Shifu and Cynder The battle was a decisive victory for the Louge. The lost of Cobra and Dark Cynder cracked the leadership of the Villain League, dramatically. They remain disorganized, until the Master Malefor allows Mirage to be promoted to become the General of the initial Villain League Forces later on.

The Louge prepares to leave as Devon and Cornwall go to Hawaii. Cynder is still reluctant to join, as she created all of this madness technically. But the Louge forgoes her past, with Shifu telling her she has the right to redeem herself to fulfill his promise to Ooogway into curing her permantely of her darkness. Shifu proclaims Cynder to become his apprentice and that he will be her master, much to Cynder's joy and tears. The Louge leaves Camelot, knowing that they completed their mission.

Battle of Camelot

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends on the quest for camelot.


Decisive Shell Louge Squad Victory

  • Kayley and Garrett knighted and possibly married
  • Cynder, Spyro, Sparx, Sam and Max, Brandy, Mr. Wiskers, Lola Boa and Ed the Otter join the Shell Louge Squad

Shell Louge Squad Villain League





King Arthur


Kayley's Mom

Lord Cobra+(K.I.A.)

Dark Cynder

Dr. Faciler+(D.I.A.)

  • Shell Louge Squad
  • SLS Allied Forces
  • Kayley
  • Garrett
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Camelot Forces and Militia
  • Monty and Seven 11(late battle)
  • Villain leage forces
  • Ruber's Iron Men
  • 10,000+ Cobra Snake Demons
  • At least 15 Sanke Demon Carriers
  • 1 Griffen


  • Shifu is severly injured
  • Heavy damage to Camelot
  • Unspecified # of Camelot Spore Knight Suits
  • Maybe several knights of Camelot.
  • Lord Cobra
  • Dark Cynder (cured of darkness)
  • Most of the leage.
  • All Iron Men either defeated or captured
  • Nearly all the snake demons and their carriers

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