"Quotes to add?" The battle of Pride Rock was a major battle that is major for Spongebob. Simba is the new king, Scar is killed, and the hyenas make their loyalty and allaince to Spongebob, forming the Shell Louge Squad.


As Simba grew up with Timon and Pumbaa, Nala stumbles across them and recongnizes Simba, who was sent by the hyenas to find the missing picnic supplies for the hunt. They fell in love, but Nala tells Simba that the Pride Lands are becoming a barren wasteland and that he needs to get home to take his place, but Simba refuses. Rafiki and Mr. Krabs later persuades Simba to get to the Pride Lands, aided by Mufasa's presence in the stars. Mindy also appears and tells Spongebob and his group of Plankton and Scar's tyranny and begs them to go with simba, to which they agree. Together, with Spongebob and his gang, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, and Mindy they ride for the Pride Lands.


Miracle Allaince

"Quotes to add?" While the group makes it to the Pride Lands, Spongebob and friends enocunter the hyenas, as Timon and Pumbaa dealt with the other thugs and hyenas. After a small fight, Spongebob uses his dirtball attack to defeat the hyenas. While hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed beg for their lives to be spared, the group is confused and decide to ask to Magic conch shell. However, the hyenas show their conch shell, making them club members. Dennis is tired of Spongebob and prepares to kill him, but the hyenas see the error of their ways and come to defend Spongebo by attacking and mauling Dennis.

Combat Erupts

Simba confronts Scar to reveal to the lions that he's alive. As Simba orders Scar to stand down, Scar responds by telling that Simba is responsible for Mufasa's death and shoves Simba to the cliff, but not before whispering that he himself was the one who killed Mufasa. Simba leaps from the edge and pins Scar down and demands Scar to tell the entire people what he did, which scar then says the truth, resulting in a full-scale battle. Lead by Mindy, Shenzi and Nala, Spongebob's Co., the Lions and now good hyenas, reinforced with good fishes from Bikini Bottom and Shell City alike face off against Scar's Fish Thugs and Mercernaries and forces loyal to him still.

(Details can be added to this area still!!!)

Final Duel

Eventually, Simba corners Scar at the rivine. Scar blames the hyenas and Thugs that they were responisble for the whole thing. Simba, however exiles Scar. The cunning lion however, throws fire into Simba that results in a duel, ending with simba throwing scar off the cliff. As Scar is down, he's surrounded by the resentful Thugs and by order of Shenzi beat him to death. Plankton is given the burning boiler treatment by the hyenas and shoot him off, ending the battle.


"Quotes to add?"

With Pride Rock liberated, rain falls over the flaming battlefield, Simba reunites with his lions and thank Spongebob and Co. for the help. Rafiki then leads Simba to become the new king of Pride Rock. the land returns to green and the African mammals greet Simba as a hero. Rafiki then present Simba and Nala's newborn cub, Kiara.

Later, the gang will face Zira and Scar's remanent forces in the first battle with Zira.

The hyenas pledge their allegiance to Spongebob, thus together forming the Shell Louge Squad.

Battle of Pride Rock


Major Victory of the Shell Louge Squad

  • Formation of the Shell Louge Squad
  • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed join Spongebob
  • Simba becomes king of Pride Rock

Allaince of Sea creatures, Hyenas, good fishes, and lions. Scar's Loyalist Army of Thugs.





Mr. Krabs









Spongebob and Co.



At least 10 lionesess

Bikini Bottom Fish Citizens

Shell City Fish Rebels




1 Fish Mercenary


Fish Thug Loyalists


Light to Medium

  • Unknown # of Fish soldiers and lions

Nearly All Forces

  • Scar
  • Dennis
  • Most of the Fish Thug Loyalists

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