Battle of the China Imperial Palace

"I have to do something."

"Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow, like daisies! And the Villain League's back with...the Heartless!!!"

"Are we in this together or not?

"Well let's go kick some Baddy butt!"

-Mulan and Mushu agreeeing to stop the Huns

This battle significantly ended the Hun invasion in China, also Iago and Mushu joining the Shell Louge Squad.


Following Mulan's Exile, Mushu feels regretful of his fine work lost. Mulan says she should never left home. Mushu then calms Mulan and comforts her, saying that she should let things go and also states that he risks his life to help himself, but Mulan risks her life to help herself. With that the 2 hug each other. As they prepare to go home, they spot Shan-Yu and his remaining forces still alive and they march to the castle. They have also gained heartless squads to help them.

Mulan and her friends waste no time to gather up and move to the palcae to warn of the impending invasion. Shenzi and the hyenas also call for Sora and his friends to assist.

Conflict ensues


Celebration was underway at the Palace. Shang and his men were already marching to the palace. Mulan tries to warn the imminent ambush to Shang and even the civilians, but no one believed her. Mushu says they can't believe her because she's a girl again. The Emperor arrived at the steps to congrulate the soldiers for their bravery as Shang presents the sword of Shan-Yu to the Emperor. Just at that second, Shan-Yu's Hawk grabs the sword, flies up to his master and drops it to him. Shan-Yu orders the ambush. Huns revealed themselves from their dragon costume and grab the Emperor hostage. Shang tries to stop them but too late. At that moment, soldiers in disguise are revealed to be Heartless and they begin to surround Shang. Sora arrives with his team and tends to hold off the heartless while shang rescues the Emperor. As Sora, Donald, and Goofy take out many heartless, the soldiers attempted to break the doors by statue ram. Mulan was also fighting the Heartless, but realizes the soldiers wouldn't get to the Emperor in time. She calls for her buddies and makes them women. Together with Shang they use their cloths to scale the pillars and head up the palace to rescue the Emperor.


The emperor was already being brought forward to Shan-Yu as Jafar asks for China's unconditional surrender by ordering the Emperor to bow before him. Mulan and her buddies then disguised as women approach the Hun Guards. An apple from one of her buddies almost gives their postion to Shan-Yu's Hawk, but the hawk is burned severely by Max, leaving the bird's feathers gone. Mulan and her buddies then take out the guards with fruit and their moves they learned from training while Shang goes to fight Shan-Yu. The pirates and monkeys under tow and Scroop march to Mulan, but Sam and Max takes care of them by throwing the police rabbit, into a power cell, destroying th palace floor and causing them to fall out of the way. Shenzi then bites John Silver in the mechanical leg, causing him to surrender. Sam and Max then deal with Max Salmon.

The Emperor meanwhile refuses surrender, causing Jafar to turn into his Genie form. Shang then fights off Shan-Yu. Mulan orders her buddies to take the Emperor to safety and they do that my sliding down the ropes with their cloths. Mulan then cuts the rope so Shan-Yu wouldn't follow the Emperor. Shan-Yu enraged then attempts to kil Shang, but Mulan calls Shun Yu out, while Sam tries to reason with him, but only results in a chase. Mushu riding on the Hawk of Shan-Yu was asking for a new plan. Mulan finds a fireworks tower and orders Mushu and Crikee to take control of it. Shan-Yu cacthes up with her and his slashes eventually gets Mulan onto a pillar that crashes into the wall and hangs there. Mulan then scales the roof as she sees Mushu knocking the guards off the tower.


Jafar then attempts to kill the Hyenas. He cracks the ground and making a huge lava flow to prevent the hyenas from getting his lamp. Though he has the hyenas cornered, Iago bravely grabs the lamp and flies off. Jafar then burns Iago severely and mocks the hyenas of their so-called friend. The hyenas prepare to fight him, but Iago with his bit of strength in him knocks the lamp into the lava, killing off Jafar. Mulan fends off Shan-Yu with her fan and disarms him of his sword. She then reveals Po on a big rocket cart, supplied by Mushu and rams Shan-Yu into the tower killing him and injuring Po. Mulan and Mushu with Crikee jumps off the roof and land on the staircases and Shang. Fireworks still go on and the attack is finished.


"My little girl's all grown up and saving China!(sniffs)"- Mushu after the battle

Chi-Fu angrily comes out with small burns and tells Shang that Mulan is a disgrace, but Shang agrues that Mulan saved their lives. The Emperor comes out unharmed and faces Mulan. He critizies her for dishonoring the Chinese Army, impersonating a man, destroying his palace, and...saving them all! With that he and all of China bow before Mulan. The Emperor then request for Chi-Fu to have the heroes, including Mulan meet Emperor Kuzco in Peru for their honor. Chi-Fu, hearing this, faints. Mulan however wishes to be home. The Emperor then gives her his meadallion and the sword of Shan-Yu. Mulan then hugs her friends affectinately. Iago is then committed by the Squad to join them though they thought he was to get buried because of Jafar's major powers, but thankly, Genies are inable to kill, meaning Iago survived, though painfully burnned. Mulan leads her friends back to her home.

At home, Mulan presents the gifts to her father, saying it will bring honor to their family. But then Mulan's father hugs her and says that the greatest gift is his daughter. Captain Shang then arrives to deliver Mulan's helmet. Mulan then asks Shang to stay for dinner, which he agrees.

Stretegically, without Shan-Yu, the Huns were decimated, weakinging the Villain League dramactically and their hold on China lost.

After John Silver was release in return for never helping the leage again, and Sam, Max, Brandy, Mr.Wiskers, Lola Boa and Ed the Otter's departure, Mushu then becomes an guardian again and after asked by Shenzi, he goes with the Shell Louge Squad.

Battle of the China Imperial Palace

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet Mulan


Shell Louge Squad/Sora's Team/Imperial China Victory

  • The Squad and Mulan are honored by China
  • Lougers prepare to jouney to Kuzco's palace
  • Iago and Mushu join the Shell Louge Squad


Shell Louge Squad

Imperial Army of China

Sora's Squad

Villain League

Hun Remanant Forces

Heartless Loyalists



Captain Shang





Shell Louge Squad

Imperial forces

Sora's group

Villain leage and Hun remanant forces



Iago severely burnt and injured

Po minorly burnt and injured



other villains and huns


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