Battle of the China Mountain Side

AKA: as mentioned above. The Battle of the China Mountains was a major battle by the Shell Louge Squad and China Imperial Army. It destroys the Huns advance on the Capitol of China and Imperial Palace.


"I think it's time we take the war into our own hands"- Mushu

During training an Shang's camp, Chi-Fu becomes disappointed by their traning and argues with Captain Shang up to the point when he tells him that when he delivers his report to the General, his troops will not see battle. Shang says that they are ready, but despite Shang's persuasion, Chi-Fu reminds him that himself is the emeperor's advisor. However, Mushu and crik-ee are able to sneak in and make an urgent report about the General. They then disguised as a soldier, deliver it to Chi-Fu. Panicked by the message and threat that the "soldier" would report him if he doesn't obey, Chi-fu tells Shang to move the soldiers and Lougers to the front.

The soldiers and Shell Louge squad walk amongst the farmland to the moutainside, along the way Mulan's soldier buddies lead a song about what they are fighting for, which to dismay is Mulan(girl). As they move and sing, they are stopped by the ruins of a previous battle. As they scan the area for any survivors, they find a battlefield with every Imperial soldier dead, including the General. Mulan comforts Shang as they hoist in a brief funeral. Shang then orders the troops to take the Tung-show pass to beat the Huns and their allies to the Imperial Palace.


"On my signal, 3...2...Open fire"!

"Chill Villains!"

-Sam and Max

Spongebob and Patrick were making a peace treaty, hoping the league and huns would considerate it. But Squidward, knowing it would never work rips it to pieces, much to Mulan's annoyance. Captain Shang then approaches the group saying that would give away their position. Tai Lung out of nowhere flies into Shang, injuring him. Tai orders their archers to ambush them. Arrows flew ahead as the Lougers and their allies get out of range as they also damage the cannon carts. Shang orders the cannons saved and the soldiers obliged, saving many of them. Mulan then cuts down the cart and gets her horse out before it explodes. Max and Sam of the Freelance Police then lead the soldiers to fire on the Villains and Huns. With their bazookas and the solider drago-cerst cannons, they destroy much of the archer positions.

As they thought it was all over, Shere Khan strides in along with Shan-Yu and the enitre Hun Army+ their allies. The Villain League charges into the fray. Shang orders the soldiers to make a final stand. Max and Sam hoever have their own idea. Using a helmet boomerang move, Max the rabbit is thrown by Sam into the moutainpass. It causes an avalanche that buries much of the Hun Army and kills 2 of the Trasure Planet pirates. The Lougers and their allies barely escape.

"Thanks Ping"

"It was nothing"

-Shang and Ping after the battle


Secret Revealed

"I can't take this no more. C'mon Mulan. Let's quit this charade and go home, girl"- Mushu

Shang was amazed at the battle and declares that Ping and the Louge has his trust. Mushu pops out of the snow, loudly shouting triumphants, but his shouts also reveal Mulan's identity. Shang is shocked and enraged of Mulan. After some sentences and angry that Mulan lied to him, he stated punishment for doing something like that is death. But because Mulan saved him, he orders her exiled and dismisses her and the Louge. Chi-fu protsts that they couldn't just leave her here. Shang orders the men to move out. The men leave for the Imperial Palace, while Mulan and her friends are left in the snow to survie for themselves.

Huns Advance

The battle crippled the Hun Army, weaking the Villain power (though more appear later on in the series). However, Shan-Yu survies by digging his way out of the snow. He shouts angrily for the lost fo his army. Surviving Huns and Shan-Yu's villain allies then rendevous with the Hun Leader. Together they march their remaining forces to the palace.

Mulan and her allies witness it, after being held on the snow for a while and they plan to alert the Emperor of the Hun's remaining prescence.

Battle of the China Mountain Pass


Shell Louge Squad/Imperial Army Victory

  • Decimation of the Hun Army sudden disappearence of the other leagers, excluding Shan-Yu and a scant number of survivors and/or remaining leagers
  • Mulan's Identity revealed and Shang exiles her and Louge


Shell Louge Squad

China Imperial Army

Sam and Max, back then they were temoray allies

Villain League

Hun Grand Army


Captain Shang

Max and Sam




Tai Lung


Shell Louge Squad

Imperial forces

Huns Grand Army

the Villain leage

  • Cannon cart and some of the cannons in it destroyed
  • 2 Treasure Planet pirates
  • Nearly the entire Hun Army
  • other villains retreated

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