This battle was a significant end to stitch's capture quest and results in stitch being placed with his new ohana.


Refer to article attack at lilo's home for more info.


Captured by a Corrupted Captain

When Lilo and Kairi met with the Louge, Kowalski knows of Stitch's origin, created Indirectly by Galaxhar, Directly by Jumba (Who Kolwalski refered to as some mad alien sciencetist) as a intended weapon for the villain league. He also points out that the leage didn't even knew Kairi was here till now, and a suusesful capture (if Belle, the other Princess of Heart is presumed captured by now) that would cause a diaster led by the darkspawn. Lilo decides they should stop the league before anything worse would happen. Captain Gantu suddenly appears and takes Kairi, Stitch, and Lilo. Galaxhar claims Gantu as the ultimate weapon, despite loosing most of their men and Audrey. As they blast off, Stitch is able to escape but looses the other girls in the process.

Cella, Jumba and Pleakey are able to capture Stitch for the GA. Lani wants Lilo back, though Cella was more willing, Blinkly said it isn't galactic aprroved. When Stitch however tells Lani of Ohana, Cella changes plans to have Stitch released to help them. Jumba protests, but Cella reminds him her mother will free him once it's over. The group agrees to help each other and Jumba leads the group to his spaceship to rescue Lilo and Kairi.

Battle for the Girls

Jumba's ship catches up with Gantu's ship, much to Kairi's surprise. Gantu informs the councilwoman that he changes sides to the Villain League and demands the galactic federation would join them or else. Gantu spots the ship of the Louge and tries shoot them down, though he did some damage, it was little effect. As the ships duel through the islands of Hawaii, Stitch and Spongebob fly out to board the ship. Stitch tries to break the glass, but Gantu burns them off his ship causing them to fall to the ground. Stitch and Spongebob then use a truck to reach the lava. As they spot Gantu closing in on them, Stitch break the fuel tank truck, shooting them to the ship and breaking in. Gantu and his possie are thrown off by Stitch after a breif scuffle. Spongebob and Stitch then rescue Kairi and Lilo before the ship explodes, cuased by Gantu's blasting. Jumba's ship crashes into the sea as David then gives the group a ride to shore.


Revelation and Result

The grand council woman then has her troops the take Stitch to her ship. She fires Captain Gantu for his treachery and will deal with Cella and her comrades later. Stitch shows his understanding by asking for the woman to say goodbye to his ohana. Galaxhar claims the Louge as vigilanties and convinces the Relucent Council woman to begin deleting their memories. Lilo however shows the Council woman her ownership of Stitch, causing Stitch to be released to the family of Lilo. The Louge is ready to accept the terms, until Chi-Fu arrives at the last minute. He gives the woman legal documents of the Louge's purpose to protect worlds, allowing the Louge to continue their activites. The Council woman allows Cella, Jumba, and Pleakey, along with Mr. Bubbles to stay with Lllo as a family. The group then leaves on good terms, taking Gantu and his villains with her.

Battle over Hawaiian Islands

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet Lilo and Stitch

Outcome: Villains defeated, Stitch becomes good.


Shell Louge Squad and small group of Allies

Galactic Federation

Villain leage remaining forces and Gantu







Grand Council woman


Captain Gantu





Jumba's private jet

1 Truck

Vilain League

Gantu's Ship

  • Kairi and Lilo captured (later escaped)
  • 1 Truck (blew up to launch Stitch and Spongebob into Gantu's ship)
  • Shell Louge almost legally banned, but recovered.
  • All Villains arrested with Gantu's ship destroyed

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