This major battle was between Shere Khan and Villains in an attempt to kill Mowgli while the Louge defends the man cub. It results in a defeat for the Villains.


Mowgli runs away and finds the vultures who calm him down and cheer him up after escaping a rumble from King Louie.


Shere Khan and his League allies clap for the vultures as an extrodinary song. The tiger proceeds his business to kill Mowgli. Mowgli says he isn't afraid of them but Mukanga shrugs it off and the League prepares to fight him. Baloo and the Louge arrive at the last minute to fight the League as Kaa gets Mowgli out of there. Kaa manages to lift Mowgli up as Baloo battles Shere Khan as the tiger finds his edge and bites. Pumbaa after being called a pig charges at Nuka and Nuka runs off. Alex gave Mukanga a purse, then reveals Nana and she spanks the evil Lion out. Zira makes a lunge but is killed by the Serpent Lord, under convience. Shere Khan severly injures Baloo, but the vultures intervene long enough for Mowgli to tie a fiery branch onto Shere Khan, who is burnt and then retreats. Plankton is then dealt with by the Hyenas.


The gang tends to Baloo, who survives his injuries and so. Mowgli is able to find the man village to be safe, with the help of Shanti. The gang leaves, knowing they did their part, but not before gaining Kaa as a member.

Battling Shere Khan


Louge Victory

  • Kaa joins.

Shell Louge Villain leage/Shere Khan's possie.


Shell Louge





Shere Khan

Villain League

Baloo nearly dies. Possie defeated.

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