He's a norturnal massoupal flying mammal, member of the family, tarididi or tarididni, (laughs) TOTESTAL, HE'S A BAT!

Batty Koda
is a Bat who is one of the characters in Ferngully, the lost rainforest. He was once an experiment in a Biology Lab, but he escaped to fly back to the Rainforest. He always hates humans and dislikes the human named Zach. In the SpongeBob's Adventures series, he has been shown to be semi-compathinent to Sora (girl) and her digimon, Byiomon. also, his long lost cousin is reveled to be Fidget, a former henchbat for Ratigan in London, but Fidget is now reformed. As part of the Shell Louge Squad, when Batty introduces himself he often sings his song, "Batty Rap". he is like that extremely crazy and lovable uncle to the louge.


  • "L. Caesar, Emperor of Rome..."
  • "I'M BLIND, OH NO!... I can see, It's a miracle!"
  • "Graduate students all gather forth--(Antennae static)"

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