Bruce (Left) and Hugh (Right)
Bruce and Hugh
Vital statistics
Title Bruce James Goliath and Hugh Jack Goliath (Full Names), Goliath Gamblers
Gender Males
Race/Species Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)
Faction Prince Scorpo's Circle of Gambling Friends
Description Naturally Prone to Sibling Rivalry, Hidden Wounds and Ulcers, Tattoos Under Their Fur, Among A Long History Of Injuries
Skills and Abilities Good Fighters, Gamblers
Status Barely Alive And Betting
Location Dragon Realms
  • Vegas District, Warfang (Current Living Residence)
Alignment Good

Bruce Goliath and Hugh Goliath are two Tasmanian Devil brothers who aren't so good at getting along. On some occasions, they get along with each other calmly, but they mostly end up fighting each other (Normal behavior of real-life Tasmanian Devils).


Bruce was the first born. He was neat but rambunctious. But when Hugh was born, things changed. Since they were 3 years old in Tasmanian Devil years, they began fighting each other for food, for fun, or for the heck of it. Their fights often end in wounds, but they occasionally call time out when they've had enough. They never got along with each other, and they even get into fights easily when even seeing each other. Bruce thinks of Hugh's playful ways as annoying or irrelevant, and tries forcing him to stop, but Hugh always refused. This obviously leads to a fight. They claw, scratch, and bite each other violently during a fight. Their childish antics never stop. Then their mother, Carol, decided that Hugh should live with his father, Leon, while Bruce continued to live with her and wait for a couple of weeks to bring them back together. Weeks later, after days of anger management, Bruce and Hugh were brung back together. This works for a while, until 3 days later, another fight began, this time extremely violent. They severely injured theirselves, and were sent to the hospital.

After their bloody fight, Bruce and Hugh felt guilty about theirselves, and make amends. They agree to fight less of the time, and to have most of the time patching things up with each other. Now they get along, but some occasions fight each other. They decide to make a TV series based on their distinguishing antics, and they even get their own movie.

But then one day, they find their parents fighting the exact same way they do. They try breaking it up, but they soon learn their parents have become feral. Hugh guesses that they must've gotten so mad at each other that they lost their minds. Carol and Leon terrorize Tasmania killing or injuring any other animal they come up against, including kangaroos. Bruce and Hugh decide to use teamwork to snap their parents out of their trances, and they instantly fail. But just as their parents try killing them, they realize they were about to kill their babies like ruthless barbarians. As a result, they feel sorrow, and stop going feral, losing every angry memory in their heads. They apologize to the animals they terrorize, and they help clean all the mess they made.

After feeling depressed for a week, Carl and Leon try commiting suicide. But Bruce and Hugh try reminding them about how good they are to them, but it fails. So they decide to remind them they have Cymbalta for just an occasion. The Cymbalta works, but they were still depressed, and died of broken hearts. With their parents dead, Bruce and Hugh decide to spread their story to the rest of Australia, and stay with their uncle Taz. They continue their series with morals and life lessons. And they later decide to star in a new babies show. Although they still fight each other, they still lead a peaceful life.