Caliph Kapok

Caliph Kapok was a disembodied head who requested that Aladdin help restore him to his body. Aladdin was unaware that the head was cold and calculating, and his body was a kind and just ruler, driven by its heart. Kapok's head tricked Aladdin and company into reuniting his two selves. When the two were joined, Kapok's head took over, separated Aladdin's head from his body, and ruled despotically. The two Aladdins, one completey logical, the other full of uncontrolled emotion, finally re-removed the Kapok's head. Fair Heart, as the rest of him was known, then restored Aladdin to one piece and made sure that the evil head would never again take control.

Currently, Caliph Kapok has not appeared yet.

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