An Artist Depiction of Camelot

Camelot is a commonly-known place in the UUniverses. There are over hundreds of Camelots in the UUniverses, but the two most common ones are in the Warner Bros. Universe and the Disney Universe.

Warner Bros

The WB Camelot is the homeworld of Kayley, Garen, Devon and Cornwall, WB Merlin, WB Arthur, Ruber and his Griffin. This is the most important world in the UUniverses since it was the location of two relics that united all the universes into how they are now. During the First Cartoonian War, the gods have created the Sword and the Stone, historically named Excalibur and Lockiver, as the prime means of keeping their worlds apart or united. If the sword is removed, the universes united. When it was back in the stone, the universes would separate. Only gods or a certain individual with the purest heart of all can remove the sword from the stone. In modern times, it was used as a symbol of who would choose to be the king of Camelot, with nobody knowing of it's true origins. After a battle against evil, this world is officially being guarded by several police forces to ensure that the sword and the stone are never used for evil again.


The Disney Camelot is the homeworld of Merlin, Archimedes, Wart, Sir Ector, Lancelot, and Madam Mim. It is said to be the secret hiding place of a comical Merlin who helped to defeat both Chernabog and Malefor in both Cartoonian Wars. Of course, he will eventually be found in SpongeBob and Friends and the Sword in The Stone.

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