Cella is one of ScroopFan's SPORE creations that appeared in his spongebob adventures. She is the warrior daughter raptorsellus princess of the grand councilwoman, (who's name is reveled as Vainiana, as an unofittal name for the Grand Council Woman) who later joins up with Jumbaa and Pleaky, thinking that they are a bunch of idiots, and she believes she can do better, and in order to win her mother's trust by captureing or destroying expeariment 626. She seems to be very inpassionate on human beings and other earth creatures, believing that they are simply inferior creatures. However, in the first scene of the film where the grand concel woman asked if the humans are intelligent, Cella only replied that some are, otherwise she stands by her negitive opinions on earth creatures. At first, she rather hated stitch for being un-natoral and a threat to all creatures big and small, but after Jumbaa said he never gaved 626 a greater propese then just destroying things and such, Cella starts to beleave that she and 626 have some things in commen, she beleaves she has no great purpese, and the reason for her attutude, beyond that her race, the raptorsellus is natrolly bad temptered, is that her real biologitcal mother was mudered by an insectitoid space pirate (possably Scroop) and the grand concel woman took her in, in possable reaction to maybe have someone to stand by her side in the grand concel or because by request of the raptorsellus elders currently remains unknown. however, she remained to her duty to capture stitch, while understanding it is not the dangerious abomination she thought, and no longer intends to kill Stitch, she still beleaves that 626 is still destructive and must be removed from the planet before too much damage is done. She later helped the shell louge squad stopped Galaxhar and Scroop, and the corrupted Gantu from taking away Kairi and Lilo. Cella then volinteared herself as the guardion of Stith's new family, with Jumbaa and Pleaky as her asisents, or at least untill Jumbaa and Pleaky could be replaced by better ones. Cause of the other spore originals being villains (with several exsections of Larry, Monty & Seven11, to name a few), she was thought to be a villain and even allied with the villain leage and to later help Gantu and other villains, but In reality, Scroopfan instead protray her as a heroine with some flaws who believes she can do much better then who may be set in place, but Cella will propbuly soon inprove her self later in the Lilo and Stitch sequils.

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