The Clam Lounge Squadron is an Alternate UUniversal group of heroes who are essentially another AUU Shell Lodge Squad besides The Anti-Villain Squad. Founded not too long after it's leaders saved the Physheges and Oceons with the aid of the Lodge and Heroes Act, they started to go far since they defeated their evil enemy Crokton from an ultimately devastating plan that almost worked, and started travelling off-planet, and after saving worlds like El Doritos, they gain more misfit friends and become more of a family than average, and even got their own wiki and story arc.


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  • Siri- Adopted little sister to Princess Shiri.
  • Arwin- ZongueBob and Sonny's hybrid child who is like Stewie Griffin, but is good and supportive.


  • Gaariod- An Oceon and their first enemy whom they fought against since meeting each other and the Lodgers.
  • Crokton- A plankton-like crustacean who is a master genius out for universal domination, and improving his fast food business.

The Villain Legion- A sort've beta experimental villain team authorized by The Dark Radicals, inspired by the Villain League's existence, but the fact that the Legion keeps losing to the Clam Loungers prevents the Legion from becoming a new official team, being as strong as the Villain League, but not as big as the Villains Act.

  • Master Crobra- AUU Lord Cobra, pawn to The Dark Radicals capable of warping anything to his choosing and manipulating others, and the leader of The Villain Legion.
  • Sembla- AUU Mirage, the second-in-command of the Legion, and a very dark cat-like enchantress who has existed for eons as a conveyor of darkness and villainy, being born from it from the depths of Invervitrax.
  • Ragen- A sadistic and very cruel and spiteful bird and the third-in-command and majordomo of the Villain Legion, and essentially AUU Fagin.
  • Janjirma- A raccoon-like fox formerly with the Villains Act which is a martial arts master that conquered several worlds in an extremist fashion. He believed that the Villains Act should conquer through extremist acts, and as such he was frowned upon by other members of the Villains Act. He is the Junjie of the Villains Act, briefly being locked up in Oranos following the end of the VA until escaping.

Troyx Resurrection

  • Emperor Fing- AUU Emperor Fang, and the former leader until being betrayed by Dagon.
  • Troyx Dagon Lord- AUU Dark Dragon, a former dracthon who used to be a member of Emperor Fing's attempt to dominate through a combination of Ehaexon magic and Troyx technology, and was seemingly killed, but was actually turned into living data, being a new Lord Vyce-like usurper, betraying Fing and taking over everything he had.
  • Karra- A powerful Troyx and the first to be resurrected, and is officially the second-in-command of the TR, and have two bumbling Troyx partners named Kreeky and Nigiri.
  • Mengle- AUU Meng Tao, A Helioron from a Crinathasha that was exiled for an attempted usurp and assassination of his country's emperor, and is now the third-in-command.

Team Iniquitous

  • Doctor Iniquitous- A robot criminal mastermind and a former D-List Villains Act member with an egomaniacal glee. He believes that biology is weak and machinery is strong, so he attempted to create an empire of robots so he can make a 'perfect' society. Starting out as a Kraetan who got killed by an Ohrugan during the two races' struggles, he was reborn as a robot and becomes the founder and leader of Team Iniquitous. He is the AUU version of Doctor Nefarious.
  • Lawrensen- A robot butler, second-in-command, and top commanding servant who wields and manufactures powerful robots and weapons.
  • Killis- An android and the first person assimilated by Iniquitous, albeit a volunteer, and is now his loyal third-in-command.

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