Clemson is the main antagonist of The Penguins of Madagascar episode Right Hand Man . He appeared innocent at first, he was evil. Clemson's plot was to move up to the King Julien's "right hand man" and then transfer Julien to Hoboken Zoo so he could take over as king. However, thanks to Maurice and Mort, they along with the penguins were able to stop him before he succeeded, at which he was transferred to Hoboken instead of Julien. it's hardly pafificived that since he took brief part of defeating the cleaning ovsessed Zookeeper from Hoboken, that he is a reformed character, though accuring to Hanz and Savio, the two were forced to return to the leage to redeem themselfs to Mirage for spoiling the leage's reputation by interfearing an indenpent villain's plan, and with few members of the louge no less. it isn't known if Clemson is a leage slave, or if it's only Hanz and Savio the leage wants, and cares not for the others. alcourse, since Clemson helped the penguins (unless he returns a villain again) he'll become a member of the Shell Louge Squad as soon as he hears about Hanz and Savio escaping from the leage for good.

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