Vital statistics
Title NE
Gender Male
Race/Species Mewnian Septarian
Faction Monster Army (Formerly)
Description Monstrous, Vengeful, Calm At Times, Confident
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Regenerative Indestructability, Cunning Intelligence, Massive Awareness, Stolen Mewnian Gold Magic Crystal For Instant Access To Magic
Status Still At Large
Location Original UUniverses
  • Mewni (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Coffee is a Septarian from the world of Mewni (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) in the Disney Universe. He is a reptilian lizard humanoid and the brother of one of the show's antagonists Toffee who was the partner of his best friend General Anewas in the Monster Army aiming to be just like him brother. However when Toffee went rogue and murdered the mother of Queen Moon during a signing of a peace treaty, he was appalled by Anewas' 'softness' as he no longer wanted to serve the Monster Army as Toffee's actions had likely destructive consequences because he promised to help him avenge his family who turned up missing because of a mission against Mewmans, and felt betrayed. He has since disappeared and following the events of The Battle For Mewni he swore to avenge his brother after getting close to his revenge, finding it following the end of Season 3 when he learns that Anewas is not only still around after the evacuation of the monsters, but he did so because he has a girlfriend in the form of an interdimensional adventurer named Saetha, whom he discovers is valuable to the three villain teams of the OUU. Thus he sells her out to auction her as revenge against Anewas for breaking his promise. He is just like his brother, being knowledgeable in magic and is a cunning strategist, his regenerative powers make him immortal, his military experience gave him combat skill, and a golden magic crystal from the Mewnian Realm of Magic allows him to counter magic spells.


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