Coldstone getting attacked by Spyro's light blasts and Sora's water spells.

Coldstone is a gargoyle reanimated through Dark magic, and now currently serves as Demona's three-faced dragon in the Villain League. History:

Coldstone's normal life ended the night of the massacre at Castle Wyvern, where he was smashed with the rest of his rookery siblings. 10 centuries later, David Xanatos and Demona used a combination of science and sorcery to animate his remains, along with pieces from two other gargoyles, one his mate, Desdemona, the other his enemy, Iago. The remaining portions were replaced by cybernetics. His spirit, along with the other two gargoyles', now inhabited the same body.

At first, the Coldstone personality was dominant, unaware of the other two. He was tricked by Demona into believing that Goliath was to blame for turning him into a monster and destroying the clan all those years ago. When Goliath first saw Coldstone, he thought he was an abomination, but over the course of the battle that night, he saw that he was truly his brother. Coldstone thus refused to kill him, saving his life from a watery grave. An enraged Demona tried to kill Goliath once again with her laser rifle, but Coldstone took the shot instead and sank beneath the waves, out of Goliath's reach.

He lay there for a few months, until a unknown signal activated his programing. His body repaired itself while all the personalities laid dormant. Xanatos used Coldstone's power to go to a Department of Defense research facility to steal top secret military files. The files, unfortunately, were protected by a powerful computer virus, which began eating away Coldstone's programming piece by piece. In the confusion, the Coldstone personality was re-activated. The confused Coldstone, finding himself alive, broke out of the facility and met Goliath and Lexington, who were investigating. He joyfully agreed to re-join his clan. However, once they got there, the computer virus caused the other personalities to manifest seperately. Desdemona, the first to emerge, was shocked at being in a male body, and at the changes that had been made in her surroundings. Seeking escape, Coldstone flew from the tower madly, with Goliath and Hudson in pursuit. Iago then manifested, and made his presence known by viciously attacking Goliath and Hudson, and poor Coldstone had to fight to re-assert control over the body. He fell unconcious, pleading for his other two minds to "be quiet."

Lexington hooked up a virtual reality headset to Goliath and Coldstone, so that Goliath could go into his mind and right whatever damage had been done. He found the pesonalities of Iago and Desdemona, and a archetype of Xanatos, set there to guard Coldstone's mind. The virus was devouring the programing at an incredible speed. Coldstone mistakenly fought Goliath, thinking him out to steal his mate, Desdemona, despite her protests. Iago and Xanatos egged him on, Iago hoping to gain Desdemona for himself, and the Xanatos archetype thinking to control him. In the final battle, Coldstone came to his senses, and Xanatos and Iago plunged to their apparent deaths in the virus vortex. Goliath escaped their mind and the body of Coldstone was left comatose, the two minds still within unable to access the physical world due to the programming being gone.

They inhabited a world with no substance, finally able to be together. Iago had not died, due to the sorcery keeping him alive, and futilely tried to keep them apart.

In the outside world, Demona and MacBeth, acting under the Weird Sisters' spell, stole the Grimorum Arcanorum, the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate, as well as Coldstone to distract the gargoyles from the theft of those three magical objects. They inserted a special disk into Coldstone that opened a portal in cyberspace to allow access to the body to whomever passed through it. Iago did so, the others content to remain where they were, citing they had had their hardships and deserved to live in peace and happiness.

Iago, in the Coldstone shell, along with MacBeth and Demona, managed to trap the gargoyles. Only though the words of the Weird Sisters and his love Desdemona did Coldstone come to his senses, and fight his evil brother once again for control of the body. He managed to do so, and freed the gargoyles, then took to the air, saying they would not see him again until the war within him was ended.

Months later, he had found his way to the Himalayas, but was being hunted by Xanatos and the Steel Clan. Captured, he was subjected to attempts to transfer the other two souls via science into two other robotic bodies. That having failed, he was used as part of a magic lesson by Puck to teach Alexander Xanatos soul transference (and to have a little fun). For a brief while, Iago inhabited Brooklyn's body, Desdemona inhabited Angela, and Coldstone himself inhabited Broadway. Puck possessed the Coldstone shell, though the others did not know until the charade had ended and Desdemona and Iago had taken possession of their new robotic bodies. Their new names were Coldsteel and Coldfire. Coldstone regained possession of his body, finally without any other minds inhabiting it. Coldsteel escaped, and Coldfire and Coldstone vowed that they would not rest, nor rejoin Goliath's clan until their evil brother had been stopped.

Currently, Coldstone searches with his mate Coldfire for their evil brother, Coldsteel. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Role in the Spongebob/Spyro series

Coldstone and Demona have not yet appeared yet in the Spongebob series yet, but they might soon enough if Scroopfan considers it.

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