The Collector

The Collector is the royal toon inquisitor to Emperor Fang, and is the Big Bad of Bonkers' pilot episode. He live in the sewer collecting alot of things in the bonkers series. Mr.dootles (his henchman)would go to the real world to collect the things in bonkers like a sale stand from trail mixed bonkers and a UFO from bonkers in space. He created it a michine called the valinatar that turns toons to stone and still be alive. He`s got a box with toon stuff like cowboy shoes, Mr.Custart and an anvill. In the end he wasn`t a toon cause he didn`t go for the banana spill slip has five fingures and was really wering a mask and ended up falling in his box. He was later found and rescued by Emperor Fang, who used his dark magic to make the Collector into a real toon, in exchange for servitude to the Fang Empire. He may appear alongside the other members in Lion King full story, or in a future project currently unidentified. He may become a no-show character because clips are not yet in store for Scroopfan. .