The confrontation was a major engagement between Shadow Fagin and the Louge. The Louge is victorious and Kairi reunites with her long lost uncle, Lord Shen himself. Above this, Kairi is noted to be a main focus in the story, especially when she is given the revelations of her past and present.


At the beginning of the film, Kenai was turned into a bear by the spirit of his brother after killing a big bear. He, later was joined by a young, cheerful cub named Koda and the Louge as they ventured off to the Spirit Mountain. At the end of their travels, Kenai, realizing that the bear he killed was Koda's mother, reveals he is actually killed his mother and that he is human causing Koda to flee in fear and filled with saddness. When the Moose brothers saw Koda, they unknowingly convinced him to find Kenai in their attempts to rekindle their brotherhood. Meanwhile, Kaa tells Kairi about Spirit Mountain. Feeling the need to know the truth about Shen and Spirit Mountain, Kairi goes forword, confirming to Kaa to tell no one on where they're heading. At the trail, she and Koda were encountered by the Soothsayer who reveals her about her uncle Shen and the destruction of her homeworld, Radiant Garden. Kairi began to remember her pervious life even encountering Sora and Riku and their adventures before. After revelations, Kairi vows to rescue Kenai, and Lord Shen to which the Soothsayer gives her the Yin-Yang symbol necklence to show Shen, who before gave it to her to give to Kairi.

It wasn't long before the Louge confronts Kaa of Kairi and Koda's whereabouts, to which Kaa tries his best to avoid answering. Tigress, enraged, shouted at his carelessness and in rage beats him up, which follows a confession to his capture by Shen's wolfs and apes and promised him to tell Kairi to go to Spirit Mountain. Soon, Po confess that he saw a vision of the Cronitcler and he told him about Shen and Wolf Boss commitment to unite with Kairi and told them to head to Spirit Mountain to fufill the prophecy. Po feels that their answers awaits at the mountain...

At the Mountain

"Sitka can't change you back boy, in fact all of great spirits will bow before me once my much more powerful form is complete, then thiis world will be under the rule of darkness. No more will this place live under the light."- Shadow Fagin to Kenai

Kenai has already made it to the mountain and calls for Sika. But, Denahi appears instead, revealing Shaodw Fagin. The bird claims his plan is to corrupt Denahi and take the world under darkness and that no light shall shine on it. Shadow Fagin orders Denahi to kill Kenai and a major brawl ensues. As Kenai fights for his live, Kairi intervenes and confronts Shadow Fagin along with Koda and the Louge. The power of the Fagin look-a-like is shown, knocking out some of the Lougers badly injured. Po however fights back with deflection of fireballs from Shadow Fagin, aided by Sam and Max with their robot. Po begs the bird to return to the light, but it refuses and continues to brawl as Kairi joins the fight. As Kairi flicks off Shadow Fagin, Koda is chased by Denahi as Kenai chases him. Denahi grabs the spear and prepares to kill Kenai, Kairi hugs Denahi, opening the spirits and freeing Denahi from darkness. Shadow Fagin shouts in rage due to the curing of his host. Spyro comes in and blasts Shaodw Fagin for one final time. Shadow Fagin is finally killed and vaporized ending the duel and a big part of the Villain League.

Aftermath and Endgame of Season 1

"Once again, the powers and miracles of inner peace has overcome darkness"- Shifu after the battle

"Here. (gives the Yin-Yang amulet) You'll understand..."

-Kairi proving to Shen that she remembers now.

As the Louge begins to slowly recover after the epic battle against Shadow Faign, much to Bill's dismay after he was shot up as a result of the blast (He eventally comes down, or is found by Shen's wolfs, though not shown), Po and the Furious Five celebrate their triumph and Shifu states that this world is free from enternal darkness. Everyone watches in awe as Kenai was turned back into a human by Sitka. Denahi is shocked of the results and finally regrets his actions trying to kill his brother, without knowing he was a bear.

Lord Shen finally arrives from the shadows with his wolf and gorilla soldiers as they began to sing a Festival of the Lion King re-mix of "Be prepared". Afterwards (though the performance lead the Louge, excluding the Furious Five, Shifu and Po, stunned in amazement, though Po wasn't hestitent to consider the preformence good) Lord Shen willlingly allowed himself to be arrested for his crimes in the past until Kairi comes into his aid, saying to the Louge that Lord Shen is in fact her adopted uncle then gives him the amulet of Yin-Yang. Shen regrets his previous actions and apologizes to the Louge for misjudging them which the Louge forgave him. Kenai goes to Koda realizing that he cares for him. Boss Wolf tells Kenai that the village will still know him even if he's a bear and that Koda needs him more. Denahi agrees with BW and stated he'll always be his brother. Kenai then becomes a bear, permantely while Sitka, Shen's parents and Koda's mother after a great reunion with their living family, leaves back to the spirit world. Kenai is then named a great member of the tribe.

Spongebob and the Louge converse with the now general Shen about their next actions when Spyro informs them about the incidents at New York City and decide that they should investigate. Spongebob then suggest that Kairi would stay under Shen's parentship while Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Sam and Max, Iago and Thundera are sent on vacation cause of Shen's good intention but slightly harsh actions from his forces.

Confrontation at the Spirit Mountain

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet Brother Bear


Shell Louge Victorious

  • Shen reunites with Kairi
  • Shadow Fagin is destroyed
  • Bill does eventally comes back off camera.
  • Shen is given care of Kairi; Louge heads for New York
  • Season 2 begins


Shell Louge Squad Shadow Fagin






Lord Shen and Boss Wolf (at the end)

Shell Louge Squad

Shadow Fagin


  • Bill gets blown away, but will come back off Camera
  • Several Lougers minorly to majorly injured
  • Shadow Fagin defeated.
  • Denahi is freed from Shadow Fagin.

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