The Cyclops is a giant one-eyed son of Hexxus, and is a brother to Cronus. He was the only one of the Titans to not become a Dark Spawn prince after his death... as far as we know.


This large unnamed Cyclops was an ally of the Titans who along with them was imprisoned deep beneath the sea of Tartarus by Zeus after their reign of destruction ended. After being freed by Hades he was ordered is to find and kill Hercules and went smashing through Thebes, until Hercules reveals himself. Hercules had earlier made a deal with Hades that he would have his strength taken away for 24 hours so the Cyclops takes his time beating him up badly. Phil comes to the rescue and convinces him that he doesn't need his strength to beat him and the Cyclops picked Hercules up, deciding to finish him off by biting his head off. But thinking quickly Hercules shoves a torch into his eye blinding him and he stumbles around, Hercules uses this opportunity to tie the Cyclops' feet together causing him to trip and fall off a cliff to his death.

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