Hollow Bastion

Dark Cynder's Fortress

Dark Cynder's Fortress, part of the Hallow Bastion, is a castle located in the now-abandoned Radiant Garden. This is where Dark Cynder ruled while being possessed by Malefor's shadow ghost servant, and it was the first HQ for the Villain League. However, since the Lodgers, with the assistance of Sora and Cloud Strife, and despite the Villain League sending their best commander Sephiroth to fight, the Villain League was forced to retreat, leaving the place deserted. While they would find a new fortress, they would often use the Hollow Bastion as a training base for Villain League Shocktroopers and Apes with it's still-functioning computer systems by order of Mirage. It's location is tough to reach even for former residents of Radiant Garden. The High Council consider it a priority to destroy it and it's information and balance out it's abandoned resources, but Mirage was able to place a curse to make it difficult to do so.

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