The Dark Mode suit is an suit of armor that was worn by apprentices of evil sorcerors and dark keybearers. There are two variations on the outfit, one for Unversed students and the other for Heartless students. The unversed outfit is mostly black and red with a black helmet covering the head and the skirt being black. The heartless outfit is mostly purple, black, and teal blue with the Heatless symbol on the chest and the skirt being white. During Mang's apprenticeship to Malefor, he wore the Heartless suit, as did Shen during his apprenticeship to Mang's upgraded form of Cobra. Tai Lung also plans to recruit his nephew Peng to the Villain League, and have him wear the Unversed suit as a symbol of his bond to darkness. Nuka and Vitani both wore the outfit back in their days of training in their dark robot forms before Vitani's reformation and Nuka's eventual death then return as an inkilliable, but imcomodent heartless vessial.

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