De Vil Manor

DeVil Manor

DeVil Manor is the home of Cruella DeVil, Horace and Jasper. It was mainly the base of Cruella and basically a base for the Villain League after she became a part of their forces. After gaining the 99 puppies, Lord Von Rothbart had cursed the place into having a magical security system in the case the Shell Lodgers should arrive. Even after it failed, DeVil Manor has remained abandoned after Cruella's arrest, and the curse had still remained at the Manor. Not even the High Council could undo this curse upon discovering it since it was a long time remaining. So the Manor is now a restricted area with a penalty of a fine or a year of prison time, and only trusted allies of the High Council can enter the place if needed. So to this day, DeVil Manor is recognized as one of the most basic historical landmarks of Villain League history.

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