Marten Vane Trauma
Vital statistics
Title Deathslaughter
Gender Male
Race/Species Tundrous-blue Mangris (Cryomangris azolmbex)
Faction Villains Act (Formerly)
Description Charles-Bonnet Syndrome (Markatire-Mossalossa Syndrome in AUU terms), Sadistic, Evil, Manipulative, Destructive, Murderous, Crazy, Insane, Psychopathic, Strategic
Skills and Abilities Natural Insect Abilities, Powerful Levels of Magic
Status Imprisoned on Oranos
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Mana Maximus, Xaridon (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Kitoka System) (Hometown)
Alignment Sadistic (In Proxy) Evil

Marten V. Trauma, AKA Deathslaughter, is an Alternate UUniversal Mangris from Planet Xaridon. He was so greedy with his magic, he went crazy, and turned to a life of evil. He joined the Villains Act, and began wreaking chaos for the sake of chaos. He was nearly executed, but he was instead sent to the rehabilitation center of Planet Oranos. However, despite not having once been able to fight the Heroes Act head-on, he finally gets a chance to screw with them when he is enlisted by corrupt Minor Grand Council members lead by one with the most anger against Sea Squirls over the infamous "Tragity of Jenovis", into committing the Hydrocabiais Extinction Event, and even manages to mentally-scar Xandy when she tries to defend her race with all she could, and even nearly scares and ruins her into near-corruption before the Lodgers help relocate her race to Yonder in the AUU where they'll be safe. Though Gazelle managed to beat Deathslaughter at his own game, and after a failed attempt to really push things involving an extinct spell, he still succeed (Whether intentionally or just because he's just crazy is still being debated) in giving her a little bit of PTSD that not only makes her scared of seeing a member of her species die, but even a little tense when seeing people similar to Deathslaughter, including Mantis, which she manages to overcome in later episodes when she confronts the true mastermind, Jling Sling. It would later be reveiled that his actions are heavily enfluenced by his dark magic tainted imaginary friend, Princess Gummy The Bubble Gum Princess, which trust me, is alot more terrifiving then the name suggests.


Marten was born on Planet Xaridon where he grew up with a great knowledge of magic spells. But his only flaw was that he had a serious case of Charles-Bonnet syndrome (in their universe it's called The Markatire Mossalossa Syndrone, after the first alternate universeal who exspearience the syndrone.), whereas he sometimes sees various hallucinations when he uses his magic. After he went to school, he would visit his doctor to help him get a good life with his hallucinations. He sometimes says that some hallucinations are pleasant, while some are not, and he uses his magic to regulate that.

However, when he grew 20, he learned more magic spells than ever, and his hallucinations caused him to become greedy and predominately crazy. Among the hallusinations is Princess Gummy The Bubble Gum Princess, his once beloved childhood imaginary friend, until his illness and growingly tainted magic made her a personifacation of Marten's growing illness. The hallucinations became so dark, it turned him dark as well. As he tried to fight them, he caused destruction to his hometown. However, by doing this, he realizes (Via Gummy) that he is considered a menace to society, and after being opressed for years to come, he turned to a life of crime (apawn her suggestion), and joined the Villains Act.

Deathslaughter was always thrilled with destruction and determination, with very disterbing child-like glee, and his random conversations with Gummy, even doing tea parties seemingly by his lonesome, would've given the impression that he's crazy harmless had not been his quickness to get violent on reuqest of Princess Gummy. He created chaos for the sake of chaos, and many communities fell because of it. But things went bad for him when he was captured by a Serpentinoid kingdom, and sentenced to death. However, before he could be executed, the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council warned them that he is not to be killed, but to be rehabilitated. They accepted, and Deathslaughter was taken to Planet Oranos. Thus, he would meet the one person with any kindness to him, a female Barnity who works as an orderly named Miss Jakako Samama, who manages to earn a child-like trust to him and even manages to earn Gummy's obedient respect (Or so as Marten claims), implying that Marten truely is more of a victim of his mental illness that other people ended up being dragged into his tragity as well. As a result, Marten has failed to understand right and wrong and still struggles with this to this day, even with Jakako's motherly enfluence on him.