Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle is the homeworld of Tarzan, Jane, Terk, Tantor, Professor Porter, Kala, Kerchek, Tublat, Clayton, Sabor, and Queen La in Africa, as well as Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, Colonel Hathi, Junior Elephant, Winfred, Kaa, his family, Shere Khan, Arthur and Cecil, the Vulture Quartet, Shanti, and a few others in India. The jungle worlds are often considered to be habitable only to animals who follow the savage law of the jungle, which is eat or be eaten. However, in India, the animals can be reasoned with, with the exception of Shere Khan, and even befriended. Even humans are able to coexist with the animals, and the two sides are able to communicate with each other in English. Africa is more true to the law where animals are untrusting to humans, often attacking and killing them on sight, but with the help of Tarzan, they can make peace. Although there's still the matter of cruel humans like poachers or hunters, and of course dangerous animals that remain intolerant to humans and animals befriending them, and sometimes the animals who sees humans and other animals as food. The rest of the world is much into it's Victorian Era, and Africa is also known to have an underground dinosaur sanctuary called Pellucidar (A common world in the Tarzan franchise; books, old movies and new). Both these worlds have some dangers that needs to be dealt with.

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