Deep Space

Deep Space

Deep Space, also known in the Disney Universe as the Turo System is Disney Universe space territory which holds the homeworlds of Lilo, Stitch, Nani, David, Mertle, Jumbaa, Pleakley, Gantu, Cobra Bubbles, the Grand Councilwoman, Cella, Dr. Hamsterviel, Reuben, the Turo Council of the Galactic Federation, the 624 Experiments, and Dr. Stoddart. While Deep Space holds the many alien worlds that are known by The Galactic Federation, the space quadrant houses it's own version of Earth, which mainly focuses on Hawaii and the incredible alien chaos that goes on there. It's one of the few Disney worlds (if not only) to never focus on magic as opposed to extraterrestrial activity. It's happened so much there that the people there have probably gotten used to it, especially knowing that there are alien experiments in Hawaiian society, and the fact that a particular home houses 3 aliens that occasionally save the day. It started spreading around that particular world, and it is revealed that it's also known by the GFeds as a wildlife preserve, especially for mosquitoes which, in their world, were endangered aliens that were transferred there whether humanity liked it or not. And the CIA of that world were possibly involved with the GFeds after Mr. Bubbles did business with the Grand Councilwoman, obviously keeping the GFeds' existence classified beforehand. To this day, this Earth still maintains peace with aliens.

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