Drago Ryugu

Diamond Ryugu

Shadow ryugu

Diamond Ryugu in the shadows

Diamond Ryugu is the main villainess from Dinozaurs, and is a Dark Spawn Lady/ Former member of the High Council that will soon appear alongside her evil forces in the Dave Felis series. She is said to be involved in a secret war that supposedly came after the first cartoonian war, between the high council Dino Knights, and the specified race of dino themed cyber-bio darkspawn, and this secret war is refered to as the Masters of Extinction war. The cause for the war was that Diamond, while remaining loyal to Chernabog, was upset that her great master, teacher of all things darkness and near father even, was imprisoned to a mountan while her fellow dark spawn subjugated to being banished to a fiery underworld, and took it upon herself to correct this crime against her by stealing the life forces of worlds which, in her theory, could greatly weaken the Banished realm's boundaries, freeing all Darkspawn, and restoring the faith of the dark spawn who lost faith in Chernabog, knowing this newfound faith will be enough, along with a group spell reversal, to free Chernabog, and then use that mountain prison to imprison all the High council gods and spirits into the mountain, and the banished realms will imprison all the heroes, while the mortal villains who choose loyalty to them will be charged to re-evilising every single reformed villain and Anti-hero to further power the darkness. Sadly for her, the High council was too smart and well calulated to even let her get close, as they created the dino knights to stand in her way, and despite putting up a well long war up until the year 2000, she made her very firm last stand against the knights, who, upon sacrificing their power, became too much for even her and was destroyed by the explosion of their raw power! Problem is, like her master Chernabog, simple banishment to the Banished realms won't do good, she is simply un-banishable, which is why Chernabog was imprisoned in a mountain, other than that the elder gods feared Chernabog would use the banished realms as a way to become a basis for an empire, or that his power would be too great for the Boundaries, or would even undo the boundaries, so they'll resume their quest. And since Diamond is h disciple, it's assumed she would do similar things. So the dinoknights destroyed the far too powerful empress. But, like all forces of evil, someone like Diamond does not stay destroyed forever. Since she's un-banishable, it's assumed that, somewhere in the dark, vastness of the United Universal space, lies Diamond, and her easily resurrected forces, lying in wait until Diamond herself is strong enough to correct the High Council's crimes against her once more. This time, she believes no one will stand up to him, not even this shell louge squad despite being able to keep that fool, Malefor, and his new age dark spawn and disloyal/imbecilic old age ones in place. However, her attention has turned to a group of equally, but somehow slightly more worthy foes: Team C.A.T. She may also believe that the dinoknights may not be truly gone as well, as they possably lie in secret, waiting for the day they are needed again, or, even if worthy enough allies would somehow summon them to face Diamond Ryugu. It's not that she's paranoid, she just knows his enemies all too well, and when the time comes, she intends to be one great big step ahead.

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