The Digital World

The Digital World is a world located inside all-known computers and is the homeworld for all Digimon, good or evil, with it's location being primly in the Anime Universe, where it is most-easily accessible. In the world it was invented in, it is known to be a parallel universe that was made from computer data originating in it's mother world's communication networks. Sometimes it's presence in the UUniverses can cause some hiccups in the computers of any home that keeps a Digimon as a pet. All known worlds in the UUniverses can keep a Digimon, but it's a little-known fact that conquering the world will give out supremacy to it's conquerer, which is why Cortés of the DreamWorks Animated Spain, after discovering an other-worldly person who kept a Digimon and discovering the creatures' existence and secrets, intends on doing just that, knowing that an army of these creatures would earn you a 'don't mess with me' edge. As far as Miguel and Tulio are concerned, Cortes has never found it since they and their newfound friends found the first outside city to ever make quick access to the Digital World: El Dorado. El Dorado has been known to have found some ancient substances that conducted electrical energy to allow magical connections to the Digital World, which is why it is referred to by other-worldly beings as 'The Digidestined City', and they were able to discover how to create portals to the Digital Worlds with their newfound powers. It's possible that Miguel, Tulio, and their friends were able to stop Cortes' plans for it and saved the two worlds from hostility.

History (SAFA Variant)


The Novices of the Digital World

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