Dino Tyranno is the principal hero of Dinozaurs and supporting protagonist in Dave Felis' Adventures.
Dino Tyranno

Dino Tyranno (Beast Mode/Warrior Mode) Before the upgrade

Ultimate Dino Tyranno

Ultimate Dino Tyranno after being upgraded by Dino Ramph

Roles in Dinozaurs on normal mode

As leader of the dino knights chosen by the ancients, he wielded the Silver Sword. He has a rivalry with Gigano Dragon since prehistoric times. His dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus.

Roles in Dinozaurs as Ultimate Form

He was knocked into an erupting volcano by Dark Dragon, but becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Ramph's energy boost revitalizes him and wields the Mega Blade Broad Sword. His dinosaur form is still a Tyrannosaurus.

Roles in Dave Felis' Adventures

During the Masters of Extinction War, Daimond Ryugu was upset of the injustice that the darkspawn were banished to the banished realms and took upon himself to create an army of cyber-bio creatures called Dragozaurs. Fearing of this new threat would release Chernabog, the god elders use their abilities of the Dinozone to every known sector of the united universe's indigenous life forms. To be given ther dinozone, each animal life form had to have the seven virtues: Justice, Power, Courage, Wisdom, Hope, Love, and Duty. The power of justice was bestowed to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, whom have given the name "Dino Tyranno". The war continued until the year 2000, when the dino knights formed their army of other fossils of other dinosaurs with the help from the god elders, the Dinozaur Savior Army fought against Diamond Ryugu and sacrificed their life force to finally defeated the villianous Darkspawn god, only to have lost their abilities and revert back to fossils. Although, there would be a possibility that Ryugu wouldn't be destroyed for good and the dino knights are still charging to prepare the day when they are needed once again. Ofcourse eleven years have passed, as the dino knight's human friends Kaito, Rena, and Rick aged as well. It is unknown of Kaito and Rick are doing eleven years later, but Rena later became the tourist of the Dinotarium. As Dave Felis, on his rest up in the dinotarium so that he can convince Carmelita Fox to join forces with him and the Cartoon Animal Taskforce so that they can capture Sly Cooper, he touched Dino Tyranno's Fossil form in which the Tyranno told Dave in his mind to "find the DInokeys". It is unknown what it meant, but it will soon be revealed.

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