A brawl ensues following the case of the heartless infestation in wonderland. It results in Alice's unkown capture by Malenificent.


Sora and the Louge find all pieces of evidence of the heartless, with one box with the Queen's evidence. Sora picks the case with Mirage inside, showing she started all this. Mirage had a back-up plan in mind, much to Mushu's confusion. Mirage then summons the Villain League and the cards, and by orders of the Queen attack the Louge. A card brings out a crank tower to raise Alice's prison cell above. The villains begin their assault, but to no surprise, the Louge fights back. Shere Khan is so enough defeated by Mogwli, who ties a fire branch on his tail and forces the tiger to leave. Spongebob fends off Zira and Nuka as the serpent lord takes care of them. The lobsters are mostly beaten and the frog Hunters, too by the penguins. Sora and his friends destroy the crank tower and knocked down any cards that tried to stop them. Mirage then leaves with Malnificent with Alice in tow. the fight was all a diversion! The Queen is left to face the Louge. as she beats Spyro with her flamingo. Cynder goes angry after the Dutchman and Cards laugh at her. Cynder tells the Queen of her terrible deeds and then turns into Avatar Cynder. She then proceeds to throw the Queen into deep space, causng her death and the Dutchman to flee. Spyro wakes up to find Cynder as Avatar Cynder, which turned back to normal. The battle has ended and Alice nowhere to be found. The Louge proceeds to search for Alice, later to be attacked by the Heartless. Refer to facing trickmaster article for part 2.

Battle of the Queen's Court

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends and Alice in wonderland


Stretegic Villain Victory

  • some wrothwhile villain defeats

Shell Louge Squad and allies

Villain League

Queen of Hearts Forces






Queen of Hearts



The queen's forces

Alice captured

Queen of Hearts

several villain leager defeats

The Crank Tower and some Cards defending it

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