Dr. Shemp

Dr. Shemp (ドクター・クール, Dr. Cool in Japanese) is a large shaman who wears metal armor on his front. He was hired by Gnasty Gnorc while he was looking for recruits to defeat Spyro after he trapped all of the other dragons in crystal. He was full of himself, as Trondo explained, and would taunt and make fun of Spyro if he managed to wack him with his skull staff. Shemp only appeared in |Spyro the Dragon.


Shemp is the boss of Peace Keepers and is found in the level Dr. Shemp. He is quite tall and he wears metal armor on his front and a pair of sunglasses. He uses a large staff with a skull on the top as his weapon. Shemp thinks he is cool and can be heard vocalizing (as if to emphasize this) throughout Spyro's fight with him. When Spyro releases a crystallized dragon near Shemp's platform, the dragon asserts that Shemp needs to "watch his back."

Spyro's battle with Shemp takes place on three platforms. Shemp attacks differently on each platform and, whenever he attacks, he (at some point) exposes his vulnerable back. Spyro must flame his back in order to damage him. Shemp will fan his smoking back after the first two flames. Each time, he will run away screaming, dropping gems as he leaps. After the first two hits, he will hop across the bridge to the next platform. He perishes upon being burned the third time.

Role in the series

Dr. Shemp is currently a member of the World Corrupters, having created the Karkats alongside Professor Ratigan which will appear in Part 6 when he and Ratigan created another Majuu for the team to fight. It is currently unknown if Dr. Shemp still serves Gnasty Gnorc, and by extension, Malefor.

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