==Drago Wing==
Drago Wing

Drago Wing

Dragozaur Air Commander

Weapons: Energon draining fangs, Metallic Claws, Laser Pistol, Wing Blades.

Special Capabilities: Fangs are able to drain mech fluid from other Dinozaurs to refuel Drago Wing.

Drago Wing is Diamond Ryugu and Drago Gigano's vampire bat toady of the Dragozaurs. He leads the Dragozaur darkspawn forces in attacking worlds, draining the life forces to gain enough power to free Chernabog. He is also revealed to be a former Predacon (A descendant of the Decepticons) in that he, too, has transformer powers of the "Dragozone", namely the alternate form of a technorganic vampire bat, and the ability to drain the mech fluid from his opponents. Currently, he survived the Masters of Extinction War and restored Diamond Ryugu so they can keep their eyes on the Team C.A.T. and made sure Kin Einmortal regains his respect of Chernabog. However, he doesn't agree with Kin being given the authority chance to destroy the Bistoranger instead of Ryugu.

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