Earth Golem

The Earth Golem

The Golem is a Dark Spawn mutant created by Malefor to serve as it's viceroy in world conquests. It was also the main reason why King Julien doesn't have a kingdom in Prehistoric Madagascar. Malefor controlled it during the three years that Spyro, Cynder and Sparx were trapped in a Time Crystal, and the first major enemy they have encountered. It made its appearance in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


The Golem is a gigantic rock-lava Creature summoned by Malefor. He had glowing orange eyes, a long tail (which he often used as a whip), spider-Like Legs and a muscular, bulky body with streams of lava. He seems to run on the energy of Dark Crystals, as he has dark crystals on his hands, and in his head.


The Golem can climb buildings, hence its spider-like legs. It can also whip away Spyro and Cynder, as well as other enemies with its tail, breathe fire to simply push you away, use its fists, regenerate missing limbs as when he used Dragon City rubble to build a new hand, and when in desperate need, shoot fireballs from the top of its head. Another ability is sometimes when you have to press certain buttons to proceed and couldn't press in time or press the wrong one, the Golem may eat Spyro and Cynder, causing a death scene.


The Golem is possibly related to the Destroyer as they both are lava monsters and look very similar, only the fact the Destroyer is taller. There may be many other Earth Golems, as Malefor says, "It has been the duty of our Predesessors to ressurect the Destroyer and Golems of the Deep to bring about the Great Cleansining."


In The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro and Cynder were magically chained together and were intended to be sacrificed to Golem in the Catacombs. They apparently woke up too soon and the Golem's attempts to subdue them failed resulting in them being able to escape, destroying one of the Golem's hands in the process.

The Golem later played a major part in Malefor's attack on the Dragon City of Warfang. After the siege engines had been destroyed, Malefor's army retreated as the Golem appeared to destroy the City. It emerged intp the city from underground, smashing a wall as he did and stopped to create a new hand out of the debris. Cyril, Volteer, Terrador and Ignitus defended Spyro and Cynder from the Golem but they soon were defeated. However, Ignitus showed Spyro and Cynder a small bump on Golem's head by breathing fire on it, indicating that the main dark crystal that controls the monster is hidden underneath. Spyro and Cynder tore the bump off and destroyed the crystal inside. With the dark crystal vanquished, the Golem died as it fell off the building and hit the ground below.

Role in the series

Malefor sent the Golem and it's meteorite missles to attack the Shell Louge Squad in Dinosaur in order for them to be picked off by Scar's mutant clone, Dread. after words, it disappears back into the banished realms, assuming it's freedom is temporary due to it's shere size, but The Golem will return with a vengeance to battle them again later of the series, hoply in a Remake of Spongebob and Friends meet Lilo and Stitch (After Scroop's Hard Drive is fixed) where it was resurrected by Lord Cobra behind the scenes after Dread's demise and has send it to Hawaii to assist Galaxhar's plans for Stitch, vengefully attack the Shell Louge Squad again, wreak havoic on the inhabitants of the island while attempting to target and capture Kairi instead of Kuwahgamon ruining Nami's attempt to get a job, Spongebob's chance to express his feelings to Kairi that he loves her as a friend/father-like figure and Lilo's teachings on Stitch. But it will be defeated again by the louge, Ignitus, The Dragon Guardians and Pixiemon who arrives on the scene helps them save Hawaii and keep Kairi safe again.

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