Ed The Hyena.
Vital statistics
Title Laughing Retarded Idiot, The Stupidest of the Hyenas (Exceptions can exist), Easily agreeable, Incapable of Speech (Unless Magic is involved), Leg-Bitter, Ex-Lackey, Co-Founder of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male.
Race Hyena (No shit).
Faction Formerly under Scar's Dictatorship.

Shell Louge Squad.

Physical/Mental Description Mentally Damaged.
Skills and Abilities Standerd Hyena Stats and Abilities, hindered by mental illness.
Status Still a mental mess.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Originally the Elephant Graveyard.

Alignment Moronicly Mental Good.

Ed is the all-day laughing hyena in Spongebob's adventures in lion king. Ed the Hyena is one of the few characters not to have a Swahili name. However, there exists in English the word eddy meaning whirlpool. His distinguishing features are two round cuts on each ear, and that he is constantly grinning, his tongue often lolls from his mouth, and his eyes rarely seem to focus on anything. Also, he has no eyebrows. He communicates through laughter, his only line of dialogue being the chorus of the song Be Prepared (mostly because Jim Cummings was filling in Jeremy Irons'/Scar's lines at this point). When amused by anything, he cannot control his laughter. when he was spared along with Shenzi and Ed, he helped chased off Dennis, and betreyed Scar.

Ed is mentally disturbed, and may not be able to understand right from wrong, and may be following Shenzi and Banzai's example. The result of Ed's mentalness may be due to a clumsy mother who kept dropping him as a cub. Since Shenzi and Banzai are now reformed, but ocationally commit bad deeds, (which affiliates them as anti heroes) there is no doubt Ed will follow their example. Also, since Shenzi and Banzai befriended Spongebob, he followed, like an impressionable little mentally disturbed kid. Even though he is mentally disturbed, he does understand being aggressive, maybe as an instinct of being a hyena, or maybe he discovered it from Shenzi and Banzai. He never seems to talk and most of the time just mumbles, laughs, barks or makes unrecognisable sounds.

In the louge, he's like the crazy little brother that's great to have if your not the one on the end of the joke. Unlike Shenzi, but like Banzai, he was born a normal hyena, but shares their conflict of an anti hero's lifestyle.

A techno-organic clone of Ed named Thundercackle has currently been created by Diamond Ryugu to serve Scar in the Dave Felis series.

Sayings (does not speak)

  • (Laughs) pee-pee! ("They didn't serve peanuts")
  • (Thinks "I'm so hungry, I could eat stinky cheese", laughs)

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