El Dorado

El Dorado/Digidestined City, The City of Gold

El Dorado, AKA Digidestined City, is the homeworld of Chel, the Chief, and Tzekel-Kan. It went by the two names because of being the first outside world to make contact with the Digital World. It's residents called it 'El Dorado', but other-worldly people called it 'Digidestined City'. In fact, the people who made contact with them were The Digidestined Group, who taught them how to use the Digital World responsibly and protect it from evil before Sam and Max's group would discover it. They had likely teamed up with the Digidestined to help stop Cortés and Tzekel-Khan from using the Digital World for their own nefarious purposes. The people of El Dorado have been known to discover a magical substance that allowed them to make contact with the Digital World for the first time, and even create portals to go there. They can even create portals to other worlds. The Digidestined Group still remains as the people's allies for helping them discover things beyond their home, as well as their new friends for possibly saving them. In the SAF series, it was only mentioned in flashbacks involving Sam and Max's group. Scroopfan had separated the full story into separate parts because showing it all would take too long for a moisode, serving as a requiem of the planned spin-off series called The Brandy Adventure Series which was cancelled due to moisode issues.

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