The Enchantress

The Enchantress is a powerful woman who cursed the beast for his agroigents (in otherwords, she has a low tolorences for jerks).

Role in the film[1]Edit

Disguised as an elderly beggar women, the Enchantress went to the castle of Prince Adam on a cold and snowy night, and she asked if she could stay overnight to be protected from the cold in exchange for a beautiful rose she was carrying. The Prince, unimpressed by the gift and repulsed by her appearance, refused and shut the door in her face cruelly. Then she knocked on the door again and this time she revealed her true form to the Prince. Seeing how powerful she was, Prince Adam sought her forgiveness, but the Enchantress put a curse on him: for being so selfish and cold-hearted, he would become a Beast until finding a true love who loved him in return. She also cursed all the servants turning them into anthropomorphic objects, the castle became dark and lonley and the woods became infested with wolves. Years later, her spell was broken by Belle, and Prince Adam learned of his errors thanks to the actions of the Enchantress. even though she cursed the main character, she is not to be considered a villain, rather a force of power that dislikes being disresected.

Note: Fans criticize about that after she said that "beauty is found within" (while she was in the form of an old woman), she showed her true form. In actuality, it was suppose to represent the metaphoric beauty within.

Role in the series

The Enchantress reprises her role from the film.

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