Map of Equestria

Equestria is the homeworld of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. Equestria's only sentient inhabitants are mainly ponies, unicorns, and pegasi (in the canon show), though the likes of non-pony sentiences like mythic beasts and dragons are not uncommon, if though not all of them are directly or completely native here. It's peaceful, pretty, and colorful. It has a very rich, complex, and sometimes surprisingly dark history considering it's a world of short, multi-colored horses, it's under the heroic protection of Twilight and her friends, and is ruled by Princess Celestia, the sun princess, and Princess Luna, the reformed moon princess.

History (MLP and SAF versions)

(Please note that this history is still missing certain details and is a giant on-going work in progress. It currently focues on canon events of the MLP FIM series and a select few of SAF events.)

Formation, Chaos War, and Origin

Billions of years ago, before the events of the First Cartoonian War, Equestria was being formed by almighty Alicorn gods, many of which include those that controlled the weather, the tectonic and volcanic attributes, animal and plant life, and so on. Celestia's ancestors controlled the Sun and Moon. But the Equestrian gods didn't seem to concern about the ponies that inhabited their world. Earth ponies were created by the Alicorns that controlled the earth, Unicorns were created by the Alicorns that controlled harmony and peace, and Pegasi were created by the Alicorns that controlled the sky. These three pony tribes lived in peace and harmony and thought of that as their own religion, believing in the Gods that created them. For thousands of years, Equestria seemed to be peaceful. Then, when the First Cartoonian War began, an evil spirit called Tyranny, who was the first of a race of chaotic beings called Draconequui that were created by followers of Darkspawn, came to Equestria and led his entire race into spreading war and chaos throughout the land. Many communities fell in the hands of Tyranny, even the mortal pony tribes' communities. The Alicorn gods decided to do something about it. They all gathered in one spot to create the first peace relics of Equestria, The Elements of Peace. They would use these to destroy Tyranny for good. But he was helpless to defend himself because a certain family of Draconequui had declared that war was too risky and would not satisfy them when it was too late to go back, and that Draconequui would officially be meant for happiness and laughter. Feeling betrayed and furious, Tyranny decided that he should wipe out all the Alicorn gods so he can rule Equestria himself, and enslave the rest of his race. But unfortunately, the Alicorn gods defeated him with the Elements of Peace, sealing him in frozen ice in Equestria's Frozen North, but at the cost of losing their immortality, and dying. While Equestria was recovering from the Chaos War, the three mortal pony tribes had lost hope of their peace religions that they charished greatly, and began to hate each other. Each of the three tribes didn't care for whatever troubled the other two, but only for their own welfare. The Pegasi controlled the weather in exchange for food from the earth ponies. The unicorns were in charge of controlling day and night in exchange for the same thing. But mistrust between the tribes increased until a mysterious blizzard caused by Windigoes, winter spirits that feed off of arguement and frustration and make things as cold as the fight continues, overtook their land. Each group of ponies decided to find a new place to live, but they all arrived at the same new place, and as their mistrust increased, the blizzard followed them. 6 ponies, Clover the Clever, Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Smart Cookie, Commander Hurricane, and Private Patzy soon figured out there was only one way to get rid of the blizzard, to treat one another warmly. And so they did, and together, the 6 ponies, as well as the three tribes founded Equestria. The unicorns used magic to build Canterlot and once the city was finished, they invited the pegasi and ponies to a party, which became a yearly event called the Grand Galloping Gala. But then, two more Alicorn gods appeared alive and well and helped raise the sun after seeing unicorns struggle and weaken after trying to raise it theirselves. Their names were Nightus and Heavenslight. They have been hiding in shadows for hundreds of years after their parents left them to fight the war, afraid to show their faces to the devastation that laid outside. When the war ended, and light came back to Equestria, Nightus and Heavenslight came out of hiding, and saw that the Sun has come back, but was unstable since unicorns were placed in charge of controlling day and night after the Alicorn gods were gone. They went on many adventures while searching for their parents, not knowing that they had parished. Then 8 years later, they finally came across the 3 pony tribes. They were the first Equestrian gods to not only reveal theirselves to mortal eyes, but were the first to show a bit of concern for them. They decided to help the ponies recover from the Chaos War, and after 40 years, Draconequui had made peace with ponies after being discriminated, and Nightus and Heavenslight got married, became royalty, and gave birth to Celestia and Luna.

The First Return of Chaos

But their troubles were far from over. A few years later, two Draconequus brothers named Discord and Mayhem had invaded Canterlot, and taken control of it. Mayhem was the most powerful of the two, but he handed the ruling job to Discord soon after, and became vice-king and commander of Discord's guards. Ruling Canterlot together, Discord and Mayhem began to make the three pony tribes suffer greatly to their disharmony. And a few months later, Discord and Mayhem claimed total rule of Equestria, creating chaos and disharmony, turning some of the sentient creatures there into many chaotic creatures. Many of these include snake-tailed, dragon-winged pony monsters called Serpicorns, that were captured into slavery by Mayhem, which Discord didn't really seem to care about. However, many of these Serpicorns included Nightus, Heavenslight, and their now mature daughters, who Mayhem turned into Serpicorns, and Discord pranked almost every day, mainly Celestia and Luna. After being opressed a hundred times, the frustrated Celestial family decided to use their powers to escape, and search for a way to overthrow Discord and become their alicorn selves again. They eventually found the solution in the one place where they sensed that Discord had ruined the most: Equestria. There, the 4 Serpicorns discovered that Discord and Mayhem were making the 3 mortal pony tribes suffer in misery, unrest, and unhappiness. The ponies didn't take kindly to the Celestial family, but some recognized them as the leading gods of Equestria, and knew they would save them from Discord and Mayhem. So, that's what they swore they would do. Nightus and Heavenslight seek help from Starswirl the Bearded, who was creating a solution to the chaos around them. He was creating 11 relics that would maintain harmony for Equestria. He artificially created 5 of them (Guidance, Sincereity, Courage, Compassion, and Faith), and would allow the 6 others (Magic, Kindness, Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, and Generosity) to be bred by a magical tree called the Tree of Harmony. Celestia and Luna didn't quite understand the ponies' religions since the Equestrian gods didn't give concern about mortals for millions of years. Unfortunately, Mayhem discovers this, and declares chaos in Equestria to be doubled as punishment for treason. Celestia and Luna finally understood the power of harmony, and were transformed back into Alicorns along with their parents. Mayhem retreats, and tells Discord everything. Discord then decided that the sisters should be stopped once and for all, and plans to capture the Tree's magic and use it to capture the sisters. Mayhem gives Discord special chaotic seeds called 'plunder seeds' which would allow him to achieve this victory. But he didn't realize that Celestia and Luna have both found the Tree first after Starswirl ordered them to find it and use it's Elements to defeat Discord and Mayhem, and restore harmony in Equestria. So they found the Elements, and fought their way past Mayhem's elemental guards and forces, reach Discord, and turn him to stone. Mayhem came in and saw what happened to his brother. The Celestial sisters went after Mayhem, but he was twice as powerful as Discord. Mayhem counteracted the Elements, and fled Equestria without a trace after swearing revenge on the Celestial family. With harmony back in Equestria, the sisters' parents put up a protective invisible magical barrier to keep Mayhem from exacting his revenge, or stealing any of the 11 Elements of Harmony. All the Serpicorns were turned into unchaotic sentient creatures and kept in peace.

The Great Equestrian Fear War

After Discord and Mayhem's defeat, a new evil eventually arose. Pitch Black the Boogeyman came to Equestria and haunted ponies all over in a reign of fear and bad dreams. Celestia and Luna's parents were unable to defeat Pitch, and were eventually rendered to fear Pitch himself. Soon, Pitch did the same thing to Celestia and Luna, making them powerless to defeat him as well. Free from the Celestial Family's protection, Pitch continued to raise fear in Equestria, and caused millions of communities to fall, many of which included the Crystal Empire after Pitch taught King Sombra in the ways of black magic in order to cast Equestria in an endless reign of fear and hatred, but ultimately failed when Sombra was defeated by the Celestial sisters (Despite showing signs of fear), and turned him to shadow, banishing him to the frozen arctic, but not before he caused the Empire to vanish into thin air. While the Celestial family was powerless to stop Pitch, new heroes began to emerge. The Guardians of Childhood (Rise of the Guardians) came after hearing that Pitch was causing mischief in another world, and taught the Celestial family to confront their fears with their most fond memories, and eventually stop Pitch's dark trick on them. Together, the Guardians and the Celestial family defeated Pitch, banishing him from Equestria forever. After that, the Guardians grew interest in Equestria's religions of trust and affection, and decided to introduce their well-known holidays and beliefs. Nightus and Heavenslight were interested, and decided that Christmas and Easter would be celebrated every 5-10 years. After that, life in Equestria was more peaceful and wonderous than ever. This was tecnecly the first encounter of universeal beings to Equestia, making when the Lougers crash land the second. It's not added to the history due to the fanfic comic still in a hiatus thanks to Scroopfan tending to be slightly imcompident.

Nightmare Moon

After Pitch Black's defeat, things got worse a century later. A ruthless pirate named Captain Taiklar Blackheart had plundered Equestria for it's riches, killed Nightus and Heavenslight, absorbing their souls, and stole the Old Elements of Harmony. But he failed to realize that there were other Elements of Harmony, and his crew missed it. After they left, Celestia and Luna took over Canterlot, and kept their other Elements safe. However, they failed to realize that during the Great Fear War, Pitch Black created something else: A nightmare realm on Equestria's moon. In this realm, Pitch Black corrupted precious animals and turned them into demonic creatures called the Nightmare Forces (MLP comics). These forces were meant to help Pitch get revenge on the Celestial family if he should ever be defeated, which he was. At the time, Luna was feeling deeply angered by the loss of her parents that she soon had a bad attitude. This anger only got worse when the three pony tribes shunned and sleeped during the night, which made Luna grow bitter and jealous. The Nightmare Forces used her bitterness to take her over, making her jealousy grow stronger and stronger until she eventually refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. And soon, Luna's bitterness and jealousy made the Nightmare Forces convince her to become the evil Nightmare Moon. Pitch had also promised that Nightmare Moon would give the Forces a chance to take over Equestria and have a kingdom of their own. Celestia battled Nightmare Moon, and used the Original Elements to banish her into the moon.

Professor Eagle-Beak's Rebellion and Pitch's Revenge

Thousands of years later, Celestia is still around, and Nightmare Moon still remains banished in the moon, a new student has come to Magic University after years at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Her name was Twilight Sparkle. She and her associate, Spike, have found Magic University to be a great place, but have a lot of trouble after a gang appears with a dragon named Taiku as their leader. Twilight wasn't able to get suspicious when a griffon named Professor Eagle Beak has come and used verbal and mind-control legilimancy to declare that Celestia no longer has authority over Magic University due to concern that she can't handle both the university AND Equestria at the same time, thanks to being malmitulated otherwise by Gary Skalesworth and Clare Buckington, thanks to Taiku and friends not making the situation for them any better. Eagle Beak was planning to take over Equestria and help protect it in the event that Nightmare Moon should return by using his legilimancy to cause a rebellion because Celestia wasn't much into protecting it by waging war. But after Celestia, Twilight, Spike, and Taiku learn about Eagle Beak's true intentions due to one of his associates spilling the beans, Eagle Beak was forced to banish Celestia, Twilight, Spike, Taiku, his gang, and Twilight's cousin occlumency teacher Midnight Fate, from Equestria to which he believed would be Equestria's frozen arctic. But he actually, and unknowingly, had banished them to the arctic of the Rise of the Guardians world, where they met up with the Guardians of Childhood again, and learned that there was trouble going on there, too. Pitch Black, after being banished from Equestria, has teamed up with a winter spirit named Cold Heart the Sadistic, has placed a curse on Santa's Workshop, making Santa weak, his reindeer mean, and his yetis crazy, in an attempt to destroy the Christmas Spirit. Twilight and the group offer to help, but she and Taiku are still fighting with each other. But being banished into the world of a fearful enemy has made Twilight vulnerable to Pitch's dark magic, and has bad dreams about her sudden fears and problems every night. After making friends with a few other animals, the group plans to stop Pitch and Cold Heart. However, Twilight is tricked by Pitch into betraying her group, eventually causing her to almost give up her role as Celestia's faithful student. Twilight leaves them, and runs away to Antarctica where she accidentally gets her horn broken after trying to attack Pitch with a sudden burst of black magic as an act of revenge. However, Twilight soon meets a penguin and walrus duo named Milo and Otis, who convince her to fight her hatred and fear, and save her group. She comes back, and then helps them and the Guardians stop Pitch and Cold Heart. After that, they find that Taiku's brother, Haku, and Shining Armor and Cadance (Who have just met and fallen in love with each other) have come back in order to bring them back to Equestria to stop Eagle-Beak. They accept, and after Twilight learns occlumency from Midnight Fate, and forgives Taiku and his gang, she and the others return to Equestria, and with the help of the Guardians, they stop Eagle-Beak, and save Equestria. However, Twilight still has different flaws. She is still vulnerable to fear and black magic, and she is still concerned about Nightmare Moon's return.

The Mare in The Moon

10 years later, Twilight is told by Celestia to go to Ponyville to prepare for the next Summer Sun Celebration and on the way, search for some more friends, but instead, she is more focused on Nightmare Moon's return. She knows that the stars of the night will aid in Nightmare Moon's escape on the day of the next Summer Sun Celebration, and that the Elements of Harmony are her only chance to stop her. Twilight goes to Ponyville, and is intrigued by 5 ponies that hang out there: Rainbow Dash, a weather managing pegasus who dreams of joining a superb team of fliers known as the Wonderbolts, Pinkie Pie, a hyperactive Earth pony who loves to throw parties, and makes everyone in Ponyville smile, Rarity, a glamorous unicorn who works as a fashion designer, Applejack, an Earth pony that works on an apple farm with her family, and Fluttershy, a shy pegasus who tends and cares for animals. Then, during the Summer Sun Celebration, where it was said that Nightmare Moon would return, that actually happens, and Nightmare Moon comes back and plans to declare eternal night. Twilight reveals that she knows what Nightmare Moon intends to do, and plans to stop her. When the other 5 ponies are intrigued by her knowledge of this, they agree to aid her on her quest to do so. During their journey, the 6 ponies run into different obstacles created by Nightmare Moon that each of Twilight's new friends overcome with their skills. Applejack ensures Twilight that she won't fall to her death from a cliff and she doesn't, Fluttershy helps a rogue manticore with a splinter, Pinkie uses laughter to overcome fear, Rarity gives up part of her tail to a sea serpent in order to get across a river, and Rainbow Dash chooses her friends over her lifelong dreams to the Wonderbolts. Soon enough, Twilight and the others find the Elements of Harmony, but Nightmare Moon arrives and destroys them, declaring her victory. But she doesn't realize that since the 5 ponies Twilight came to trust have represented the 5 Elements of Harmony during their quest, their power ignites the 6th unknown Element of Magic, which Twilight represents. Together, The Mane 6 use the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon, and restore her back into Princess Luna. Princess Celestia then gives Luna a chance to redeem herself of her ways, and she remorsefully agrees. After that, Celestia lets Twilight live in Ponyville with her 5 new friends, and continue to study the magic of friendship.

Chaos and Disharmony Returns

Over time, since Princess Celestia and Luna are no longer in control of the Elements of Harmony, Discord is freed from his stone-cold prison, and goes back to bringing chaos in Equestria. Celestia summons Twilight and her friends, and informs them of Discord's return, and ensures that they need the Elements again in order to defeat him, only to find them gone. Discord then appears on the stained glass windows, and reveals that he knows the Mane 6's strengths and the Elements they represent, and has hidden the Elements far from their reach, and tells a riddle that reveals their location. Twilight assumes the Elements are in the castle's labyrinth, and they decide to search there. However, Discord takes away the group's horns and wings, and forces them to take part in a 'game' that requires that all the ponies must play with no flying and no magic, or he will win. Discord then separates the group into separate areas of the labyrinth, whereas Twilight tells them to regroup in the center. However, Discord has tricked 5 of the ponies into being the opposites of their true selves by using their powers against them in vain. Applejack starts to tell lies after being tricked into thinking that her friendship with the others will end in her future, Pinkie Pie starts to hate being laughed at after Discord shows her that laughter can be cruel and hurtful, Rarity is tricked into becoming greedy for a huge boulder that she sees as a bonafied diamond she names 'Tom', Fluttershy is turned rude by touch after proving to be unaffected by Discord's tricks, and Rainbow Dash is tricked to think that Cloudsdale will be destroyed without her, and she chooses it over her friends after Discord corrupts her into defiance and gives her her wings back, causing Rainbow Dash to leave the 'game', and leave Discord to victory. Twilight, being the only one not corrupted, figures out Discord's riddle, and finds the Elements in the library after a huge brawl with her corrupted friends. But after failing to stop Discord with the Elements after they fail to work due to Rainbow Dash being absent (Spike being the replacement), and her friends being too corrupted to power the Elements, Twilight ultimately gives up, falling into Discord's corruption and becomes depressed, soon attempting to leave Ponyville. But she soon finds out that Celestia has sent back all the letters she sent to her about friendship, she reads them all, and gains her confidence back after realizing that Discord was trying to distract her and her friends from their mission by destroying their friendships. Twilight then redeems 4 of her corrupted friends with a memory spell, and soon finds Rainbow Dash, who thinks a small cloud is Cloudsdale due to her corruption and refuses to help out. This results in a chase, and Twilight and the others successfully catch Rainbow Dash, and manage to redeem her. Together, the group successfully defeats Discord, once again turning him to stone. But something else has gone wrong during Discord's return. Since Nightus and Heavenslight weren't there, Discord's chaos has weakened the invisible magic barrier that protects Equestria from Mayhem, and it dissipates. Mayhem soon senses this, and has witnessed Twilight and her friends defeat Discord. Since then, Mayhem has begun spying on them and the Princesses in an attempt to know more about them before he returns.

Shell Lodge Squad's First Appearance

Coming soon...

Changeling Invasion

Another evil appears when Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, after falling in love since the events of Magic University, have finally gained the courage to propose marriage. Twilight soon finds out, and is delighted to know that her brother is marrying her old and best foalsitter, and that Shining Armor didn't tell her because of security measures after rumors have speculated about an upcoming threat to Canterlot. But suspicions rise over Twilight when Cadance doesn't seem to remember her. It also raises Twilight's suspicions when Cadance shows bad behavior, secretly throwing away some of Applejack's apple fritters, criticizing Rarity's designs for her brides dress, and scolding Pinkie's partying antics. Twilight is soon losing trust in Cadance, and her suspicions are raised even further when she discovers that she's replaced her bridesmaids, and it gets worse when Twilight catches Cadance doing a magic spell that does things to Shining Armor's head. But when she tries warning everyone about Cadance's behavior, her missing bridesmades, and Cadance's magic mind trick, Shining Armor angrily replies that all the accusations were justified. First, Cadance was acting that way because she was stressed out at preparing for the wedding. Second, her bridesmaids were replaced because they had to meet Canterlot royalty. And third, she was fixing the migraines he was having from keeping the protective shield up 24/7. Everyone scolds her, and Twilight falls into tears. But upon apologizing to Cadance, she is soon sent sinking into the underground caves of Canterlot after Cadance replies that she WILL be sorry. Twilight soon learns that the evil Cadance was actually an impostor after finding the real Cadance trapped in the cave with her, who actually remembers her. They escape the caves after getting past the impostor's bridesmades, who have been bewitched, and stop the wedding, and reveal the impostor. Cadance reveals the impostor to be a changeling, a shapeshifting creature that feeds off of love and affection by taking the form of one's lovemate. Her cover being blown, the impostor shows her true colors, and reveals herself to be Queen Chrysalis, the queen of the changelings, who has been searching for food for her subjects, and took the form of Cadance in order to take control of Shining Armor and weaken his protective shield spell so her changelings could break free and feed off of Equestria's high concentration of love and affection. She has even been able to unnoticingly overpower Celestia using the power she has gained from Shining Armor's love for Cadance. Celestia urges the Mane 6 to use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Chrysalis, and they fight their way there, only to wind up getting captured. But Cadance is able to snap Shining Armor out of his trance and power up his weakened magic with the power of love, instantly pushing Chrysalis and her changelings out of Equestria for good. With the threat defeated, Shining Armor and Cadance finally get married.

The Crystal Empire Returns

After vanishing during the Great Fear War, the Crystal Empire has finally returned. But so has King Sombra, who has attempted to regain the Empire under the order of Pitch Black, who is still seeking revenge on Twilight and Celestia. Celestia hears the news, and gets Shining Armor and Cadance to protect it, and summons Twilight for a test. She explains to Twilight that her knowledge of the Crystal Empire is limited, but what she does know is that King Sombra had once ruled the Empire, and aimed to use it's power to rule all of Equestria. She further explains that when love and hope takes over the Empire, it is spread through all of Equestria. But if hatred and fear take over, Equestria will be consumed in a state of evil and fear (Which explains why Pitch taught Sombra in the ways of black magic). Twilight's test will be to protect the Crystal Empire with her friends, Shining Armor and Cadance. And so, she and her friends arrive in the frozen arctic where they meet up with Shining Armor, but are soon chased by King Sombra, who disables Shining Armor's magic ability with his dark crystals. The Mane 6 arrive to find out that Cadance is encompassing the Empire with a protective shield to keep Sombra from entering, and that he has already counteracted Shining Armor's shield. Twilight and her friends decide to search for answers from the locals, but they have no memory about what happened before Sombra took over, and are scared to even remember. Eventually, Twilight finds a book about the Crystal Empire's history, and she and her friends use it to bring up a traditional faire which raises the Crystal Ponies' hope and love, and Twilight has sculpted a Crystal Heart in order for it to remain. But as this progresses, Rainbow Dash soon learns that the Crystal Heart was actually a relic that, when fueled by the Crystal Ponies' hope and love, shined it all throughout Equestria, and that King Sombra had hidden it where nopony would ever find it. Twilight soon gets word, and finds that the page explaining the Crystal Heart's purpose has been torn out. Then Cadance's shield wears out, and King Sombra begins to enter. But not before Cadance brings the shield back up, shearing Sombra's horn clean off. Twilight tells the others to keep the Faire running while she and Spike find the Crystal Heart. They soon find a hidden spiral staircase hidden in Sombra's old throne powered by black magic. At the bottom, Twilight uses her black magic skill to open a door, only to lead to Canterlot's throne room where Celestia says that she has failed the test, and that she is no longer her faithful student. But Spike soon wakes her from her trance, only to wind up in it himself, seeing Twilight abandoning him. Twilight then realizes the door has been bewitched into a door that 'leads to your worst fears'. Twilight uses light magic on the door, and goes up an endless staircase, and at the top, finds the Crystal Heart. However, Twilight triggers the alarm, and Sombra traps her in a wall barrier of black crystals. Twilight then sends Spike to take the Crystal Heart to the Faire, but Spike falls off the tower when Sombra enters the Empire when Cadance's shield finally wears off. Cadance soon saves Spike, and returns the Crystal Heart to the Faire, where the Crystal Ponies use their love and hope to power the Heart, and ultimately defeat Sombra. Even though she didn't bring back the Heart, Celestia says that she showed great self-sacrifice during her mission, and that she has passed the test. But this victory only worsens Twilight's thoughts because she soon swears to never use black magic again, especially after her encounter with Pitch Black, and that the door that leads to worse fears have only made her fears worse.

Twilight's Ascention

After the Crystal Empire was saved, Twilight and her friends began doing many adventures with the Shell Lodge and in their own land. Celestia soon decides that Discord should be rehabilitated, and thanks to Fluttershy, it was a lucky success. However, Discord still had a long way to go. After a while, Princess Celestia and Luna finally retrieved the missing 5 Elements of Harmony back from Taiklar Blackheart's hideout, and the underwater kingdom of Equantica has been returned to the Equestrian seas after Discord placed a curse on it during his reign of chaos. Twilight has also started learning to control her vulnerability to black magic by training with Discord's new love interest, Black Kat, in the ways of Equinox Magic. Along the way, Celestia discusses with the Canterlot Unicorn Council about the time they crown a new princess for Equestria. The first choice was Prince Blueblood, Celestia's adopted nephew. But he was denied for the position due to not being of Canterlot blood. Celestia then decides that Twilight should be given the opportunity. The Council agrees by allowing Celestia to give her a task of completing one of Starswirl's unfinished spells. Once the task is sent, Twilight accidentally causes her friends' cutie marks to be mixed up by unknowingly chanting the spell. The next day, she discovers that Rarity has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, and is failing at doing her job. She also finds Rainbow Dash with Fluttershy's cutie mark, Pinkie Pie with Applejack's cutie mark, Fluttershy with Pinkie Pie's cutie mark, and Applejack with Rarity's cutie mark. Blaming herself for ruining her friends' lives, Twilight falls into sadness. Spike soon convinces Twilight to fix everything, and makes each of her friends discover their real purposes in life, and hitting them with a memory spell to restore their cutie marks and their memories. With her friends back to normal, Twilight finishes the spell, and the Unicorn Council decrees that Twilight has passed, and Celestia turns her into an Alicorn Princess. A ceremony is held at Canterlot celebrating Twilight's new ascention, and things don't seem to go so well for Blueblood. After a while, Twilight meets up with Taiku again while she and her friends are playing in the labyrinth with Discord. But as she remembers her times with Taiku and his friends at Magic University, she goes sinking deeper into sadness when she discovers that Gary Skalesworth, whom she scolded and abandoned without giving a second thought, has become anti-social, seemingly with no possible hope. After going through another adventure with Spike in a human world at the Crystal Empire, she continues her adventures, and prepares for the next Grand Galloping Gala, where Celestia would announce the new bearers of the old Elements of Harmony that were stolen by Taiklar. Team Nefarious hires a few allies, including Blueblood, and the result of this battle causes Celestia to almost die due to a deitity exclusive desise that would later be reveiled as "Morality Illness" far later down the road. She manages to survive and Blueblood is forgiven for his actions, and Nefarious is thrown in Prison 42.... Again. Though that victory was brief and bittersweet cause he escapes through incredability dumb luck, again. But Twilight's adventures are just beginning. She still needs to embrace her Alicornhood, she is still learning from Black Kat, and she has more to do than ever.

The Plunder Weed Infestation

A few months later, the Tree of Harmony's magic begin to dissipate without the power of the Elements of Harmony, and this allow's Mayhem and Discord's old plunder seeds to sprout and carry out the job that they were originally intended to do: Capture Celestia and Luna, and take over the Tree of Harmony. Celestia and Luna go missing, and the Plunder Weeds begin invading Equestria, causing black spiked clouds and the Sun and Moon to come together at the same time. Twilight flies to Ponyville to her old library with Spike, and while she and her friends discuss for a while, they figure that Discord is the culprit, and they summon him during a shower. After Fluttershy defends Discord by bringing up the probability that Discord may not be guilty, Discord refuses to help after his accusations, and decides that Zecora should help. Zecora has been having problems with the Plunder Seeds as well, and gives Twilight an Alicorn potion that Twilight uses to see visions from the past. She first sees the time Celestia first banished Luna when the Nightmare Forces turned her into Nightmare Moon. She watches the battle in devastation, and even breaks down crying at one point. After this proves nothing because she didn't took an adaquite enough sip, Twilight takes another sip of the potion, and then sees the time Discord was first defeated when he and Mayhem were still ruling. She also sees Celestia and Luna discovering the Tree of Harmony, and using it's Elements to defeat Discord. So she and her friends decide to head out into the Everfree Forest to search for the Tree while Discord sits back and enjoys the mischief in Ponyville. After fighting off a cragodile, Twilight's friends decide that bringing Twilight around is too risky, so she and Spike return to Ponyville. After a brief conversation with Discord, and a very unpleasant one at that, Twilight tries to reunite with her friends. But when Spike tries getting a better view, Twilight is attacked by gas-plants, and Spike is forced to warn the others. They reach her before the plants finish her off. When they finally reach the Tree of Harmony, they decide to give up the Elements of Harmony, and return them to the tree and allow it to save Equestria from the Plunder Weeds, much to Discord's dismay, and frees Celestia and Luna. After their victory, the Tree sprouts an unknown 6-keyholed box that Celestia says is an adventure that Twilight won't be going on alone. Reuniting with Discord, he is forced to pull himself together when he is quick to ponder the possibilities with the Elements gone, and he confirms that during his reign of chaos, he used those Plunder Weeds to try and capture the Princesses and take over the Tree of Harmony, and that it took them until now to carry it out, claiming that he was teaching Twilight a lesson about being Princess. However, his actions would eventually lead him to being prosecuted by the citizens of Ponyville, and force him to hide until the heat dies down. Twilight soon begins doing research on the mysterious box after she and her friends have a slumber party at Sugarcube Corner, and tell stories to the Baby Cakes to get them to go to sleep. Celestia decides to give her the old castle in the Everfree Forest, and Twilight gets caught up in reading Celestia and Luna's old diary, and she and her friends decide to write their own diary while still trying to locate the 6 keys to the mysterious box.

The Dark Invadion of Qui.

After the Plunder Weeds were stopped, Discord was hated by all the ponies in Ponyville, if not almost all of Equstia, including Headmaster Shineflare, who she ordered no interference from the Shell Lodge Squad during Discord's trial, and a mob was formed, led by the misguided dragon-slayer Pred Judu Des. But when Darkness Qui frames Discord for the disappearance of Pred and his adoptive daughters, Discord was sentenced immediately and banished. But without the Elements of Harmony to protect Equestria, the Villain League, the Dark Dragon Scourge, and Team Nefarious are all invited by Darkness Qui and other independent villains into invading Equestria, and Darkness Qui takes over Canterlot. Unfortunately, the villain teams weren't willing to join forces as Qui had planned, so she was forced to give them 3 parts of the world where she would rule them all, for at least until she can get a plan to get them to finally put aside their differences and join at last. Qui was able to corrupt Discord, as well as his entire race in their homeland of Draconequua, into wreaking more chaos, and she genetically mutated the Plunder Weeds into being more lethal. She also planned to take the Tree of Harmony and corrupt it AND it's Elements into Elements of Darkness as means to finally make the villain teams to seise their "childish" rivalries and finally consider burying the hachet. Luckily, this was stopped by not just the Shell Lodge Squad, but by the other heroes of the UUniverses and Saldaron, who was able to alter time so that Qui never learned how to corrupt, and the Tree of Harmony was restored. After Avatar Cynder and Qui get into a fight, Cynder attempts to send her to the Dark Realm and sacrifice her good side because of Qui's actions without thinking what it could cause. After a big argument that causes Cynder's anger to grow stronger, she decides to let Qui go. When she leaves after swearing not to attack Equestria again (But we know that's bullshit cause she promised that BEFORE in Love and Truths), the villains were captured and forced to leave, while the independent villains were sent to Prison 42 and/or to lesser prisons to those not that strong of a threat because of certain tecnecalities. Discord was forgiven for the moment, and all of Equestria was brought back to normal.

Lord Tirek's Return

The Lodge was given a big break after defeating Qui, and it lasted until the time Princess Twilight was sent to the Crystal Empire to help out with royalty. But after an entire season, she feels like she wants more. Then Celestia and Luna get a vision later that night, and inform Twilight about a Darkspawn lord named Tirek, who originally planned to rule Equestria with his brother, Scorpan, until Scorpan became friends with Starswirl the Bearded. When Tirek refused to stand down, Scorpan reported it to Celestia and Luna, and Tirek was banished to Tartarus. Unfortunately, when Cerberus escaped Tartarus during the 2nd Season, Tirek managed to escape, and uses his powers to suck up unicorn magic to make him grow stronger. Much to Twilight's surprise, Celestia chooses Discord to hunt him down because of his magic-tracking skills, and Discord was at least nice enough to give Twilight and her friends a clue about opening the 6-key chest from the Tree of Harmony. During their break, Twilight's friends were able to discover new facts about their powers, and the symbols of those discoveries, if brought to the Tree chest, would each turn into a key. Twilight, however, is the only one that didn't discover anything about her powers of friendship. But things take a turn for the worse when Twilight discovers that Tirek has suckered Discord into joining forces with him, and helps him capture ponies and suck out their powers to regain his strength and powers. So Celestia, Luna, and Cadance decide to infuse their Alicorn magic into Twilight for safe-keeping, and asks to keep it a secret from her friends to avoid risks. But when Tirek takes control of the castle with Discord, Tirek discovers that there is a 4th Princess through the stained-glass windows, and Tirek decides to search for her after giving Discord a medallion as a sign of Discord being reliable. But soon, when Discord captures Twilight's friends and allows Tirek to drain their powers, much to the sadness of Fluttershy, Tirek suddenly double-crosses Discord, sucking up all his magic, and saying that the medallion actually belonged to Scorpan, and claims that Discord is as useless as he was. Tirek soon manages to find Twilight, and after a big and brutal fight, uses her friends and Discord to bargain the stored Alicorn magic. Twilight agrees, and she even asks that Discord be freed despite his betrayal, and Tirek becomes invincible with his maximized powers. Discord gives Scorpan's medallion to Twilight as a sign of friendship to apologize for his actions, and this makes Twilight discover the last key to the Tree chest, and brings the medallion there, where it becomes the sixth and final key, and when the chest opens, the Mane 6 use their newfound Elemental powers to banish Tirek back into Tartarus once again, reducing him back to his depowered form, returning all the ponies' power, and turns Twilight's Library (Which was destroyed during the fight with Twilight and Tirek) into a tree-like castle which Celestia explains belongs to Twilight and her friends (And maybe even Discord). Twilight is then named the Princess of Friendship, and she and her friends are now given the powers of the Elements of Harmony even without them. Unfortunately, these events cause Equestria to sentence Discord into community service as an assistant of Twilight's new kingdom, the judge having forgiven Discord for his actions, much to the dismay of the ponies who still view him as a traitor.

The Cutie Mark Robberies

Coming soon...


Equestria's main capital is Canterlot, where the Celestial Sisters live and watch over Equestria. It was also the hometown of Twilight Sparkle and Spike prior to their relocation to Ponyville, a small town where Twilight's friends live, and is now the home of Twilight's Castle as Princess of Friendship. Canterlot is where large events such as the Grand Galloping Gala take place. There is also the Crystal Empire, a prosperous kingdom which was once threatened by a corrupt black sorcerer king who oppressed the kingdom until he made it disappear prior to his defeat, and eventually returned and was rescued by Twilight and her friends, and mainly Spike, now being looked after by Celestia's niece, Princess Cadance.

There are also several other locations found across Equestria, such as Cloudsdale, the mobile cloud-based hometown of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy where only aerial creatures can inhabit and walk on the clouds and manages all weather in Equestria, Manehatten, a New York-styled metropolitan city where several business activities such as fashion competitions take place, Appleloosa, a desert Western town where Applejack's cousin, Braeburn, lives and has several annual rodeos, the Everfree Forest which is a forest on the outskirts of Ponyville which is filled with dangerous creatures, is the home of a zebra named Zecora, and was the location of the former home of Celestia and Luna. There are also minor locations such as Rainbow Falls, Dodge Junction, Fillydelphia, and many others.

There are also locations outside of pony territory. Some main examples are Draconequua, the chaotic homeland of the Draconequui located on a large mountain across the sea, Equantica, an underwater kingdom of merponies in the Celestial Sea which was rescued by Fluttershy after Discord cursed it to be relocated to Destiny Island seas long ago, Griffinmainia, the homeland of the griffins which is only across the Celestial Sea just a few miles west, as well as their colony of Griffonstone, the hometown of Gilda, as well as a massive dragon territory southeast of Equestria and below Griffinmainia ruled by Celestia's dragon ally, King Drakesis and the main setting of the episode Dragon Quest, and a few other lands belonging to different sentient creatures. There's also an ancient prison land in the Mysterious South called Tartarus, where ancient evil creatures such as the Darkspawn lord Tirek and the Bug-Bear are imprisoned and guarded by the menacing three-headed dog Cerberus.

Another significant fact about Equestria is that it keeps the only access point to an alternate dimension often referred to as Human Equestria, where all UUniversal beings exist as human counterparts. This particular world was created by an ancient dimensional witch named Coo, who created this dimension as a war-free environment after the loss of her homeworld during the First Cartoonian War, creating it on the eve of AD. Equestria holds the portal to get there, which only naturally opens every thirty moons, yet was artificially programmed by Twilight to open at any time. This very portal is the only access to the human dimension.

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