A major battle occured between the Louge and League inside Dragon Courtney's cave. The result was the Louge barely escaping.

Inside the Cave

"It's this or we're dragon meat!"- Spyro

Kayley and the Louge along with Garrett venture throught the dragon nest in an effort to find Excalibur. They encounter a two-headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall. The Louge walk through the nest but are encountered by Dil, Icky's Former partner appears. Dil explains that the reason he was there was to attack the Louge for the villain League.

With that said Dil attacks, but the digimon hold off the crocodile. Icky stays back to fight Dil whie he covers the Louge's escape. However, the Dragon Courtney Dragons appears and attacks them. Kayley leads her allies away, but not before Po gets burnt and injured from the Dragon. They make it to an acid river. Though Devon and Cornwall believes it's safe, Shenzi doesn't think so as the acid burns off a piece of Garrett's stick. The group hops over on rocks to the other side. Dragons then come out from the acid and fire on the Louge, with the group barely escaping.

Suddenly the griffen of Ruber appears from the smoke, along with the bad digimon, indicating Ruber and the Villains not far behind. The Louge is able to escape, with Ruber corned by a dragon, but Cynder comes in to save his boyfriend from death and pounces on the dragons.

The Encounter with Moles

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Without Icky, the Louge moves on. They come across a sight, A huge furnace with a huge Therometer. Max beleives that the machine will destroy the above. As they try to deactivate them, they are captured by Mole Men. The Moles then explain their way of life and wish to enjoy the upworld life, but rejected cause of their hands, which they and their leader, Moleag, desided to make artifictal human hand gloves to disguised their "Beastly hands", so to get dates of upworlder females. They then get a call from The Geek, who explains that the Moles should stop their activities. Max throws a wrench at the machines, destroying them. With the Moles vunerable, the Louge proceed to fight the Moles. They manage to take down several Moles, only over powered eventaly by Moleag, before they end up almost being thrown into the core, Icky though comes in to save the Louge with Mole Ladies. With the Mole Men flirting with them, the Louge proceeds to escape and leave the nest for good.


After the Louge escapes, Cornwall and Devon sing a bit before they leave the nest. Though out of Garrett's order not sing, Alex does it anyway.

Faciler reports the escape of the Louge and requests the shadow demons. Faciler orders the demons to pursue th Louge.

Escape from the Dragon Cave


  • Narrow Escape of the Louge

Shell Louge Villain League Dragon Dwelling Mole Men Territory





Dark Cynder


None known Moleag

Shell louge villain leage Dragon crountrey dragons molemen

Almost lost Icky Cornered by the dragons, but prevails Cornered the leage, but faced an unseen defeat

Moles lost their machine and several molemen knocked out, but now found women of their own race.

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