AKA Ambush in the Vine Goblin Forest was a minor skirmish for the SLS and Villains. "We're gonna find ourselves the Louge. Search everywhere! When you find them, kill all but the girl and purple dragon. Bring them to me alive!"- Faciler ordering pursuit of the Louge with shadow Demons


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The Louge continues to journey to the vine forest, where the sword was supposed to have gone. Garrett explains his story of the past, where he was learning the ways of Camelot Knights. He expresses his regret to never return to Camelot.The Louge embarks.

The League had their own problems, though Deadpool and Scroop sang to cheer their spirits, only to be silenced. (Dr. Blowhole didn't exsactly help out on the the rest which was not meant to be set)

The Louge discovers a massive footprint, belonging to an ogre. Perhaps they could find it there. However, as Garrett listens to the sound of a mysterious noise, Deadpool from afar gets his sniper rifle and shoots him in the body, wounding him. A Shadow Demon pulls Kaa to the ground, injuring him. Ruber then launches a full attack on the louge. Kayley supported Garrett to safety as the iron men pursue. Sparyx is able to kill several Shadows with light. Vine goblins wake up to the fight and try to smash the factions. Kayley throws a rope at an arm of a vine goblin and uses it the smash Ruber, the Leage, and the iron men, allowing the Louge to escape.


Sending a message

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Kayley's Mom and Kairi, in captivity by the League Forces call to the skies to watch over Kayley and the Louge.


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The Louge finds shelter inside a cave. While Kayley tends to Garrett's wounds, the hyenas argue about the Excailbur quest and how they hate the league. Spongebob then suggest of going home. In spite of everything, Spongebob tells them of their way as fools. As they plan to leave the Camelot Worl, Sam the dog tells them of how they met with Brandy and their team along with Muguil and Tulio, much to Max's idea of Sam's story would drive them off course. The origins of Sam and Max's own team were given.

As they talked story, the ghost of Mufasa and Oogway appear and gives them the courage and confidence to continue their hourney, even telling them of the Darkspawn's rising. This gives the Louge the courage to finish what they started. Garrett gives Kayley skills on how to fight, inspired by the words of the masters. They eventually would be able to find the sword inside the ogre's cave.

Skirmish in the Vine Goblin Forest

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends on the Quest for camelot


Shel Louge Squad barely escape.


Louge Leage




Sir Ruber

Dark Cynder


Louge League

  • Garrett wounded
  • Banzai slightly injured (though not shown)
  • Kaa slightly injured
  • Several Shadow Demons
  • Villains League forced to hold pursuit via trapped under a vine Goblin's hand.

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