"Years now no one will bother to recall your good king Arthur, because all of this will be Cynder's! This will all be her's!"

- Ruber declaring camelot under their control.

The Attack on Kayley's village(AKA) was a major triumph for the villain league. They capture Kairi and Kayley's Mother, though the Lougers do escape.

Coming attack

Kayley is still sad for her father, who got killed by Deadpool. She contiues to work the farm with her mother. The Louge was stationed at the village for protecting Kairi and Kayley.


As Keyley put her rooster into the pen, Raiders and the villain League attack. Blowholes has his men throw fireballs, damgaing the houses and they are able to breach in. Sir Ruber then reveals himself to the Louge and family as the villains took care of anyone who tried to attack them. Kayley's mother demanded Ruber to leave at once. Dark Cynder however appears and the villains start harrassing th village. Ruber then states they would kill Kayley if they didn't surrender Kairi. Kairi refused to go quietly, stating Cynder was blinded by Cobra's believes, but Blowhole threatens to bring harm to sora, who is corrupted as a Shadow. The exchange for Sora to be a human again is for Kairi to come with them quietly. Utterly defeated, Kairi agrees to the deal. Ruber then announces that soon Camelot would be in Cynder's control. During the song he sings, he takes a potion, a gift from Cynder and Faciler and tests it on Kayley's rooster, to make it Bladebeak. He then kicks his men into the pool to make them evil monsters. As this goes on, Kayley's Mom orders Kayley to escape as she would stay behind, despite her protests. Kayley escapes through a wall along with the Shell Louge Squad. The griffen reports to Ruber that he is unable to give him the sword cause he lost it to several trees, much to the Villain's dismay.


Ruber and Cynder turn around to discover Kayley and her allies escaping. Ruber orders 2 of his men and Bladebeak, as well as Scroop and Deadpool to go after them and tells the Griffen he would lead them to Excalibur. Kayley and her friends attempt to hide in the forest from their pursuers as the gained speed and eventually get them at a riverbend. The group tumbles into a pond. The racket alerts a man named Garrett and his friends, Spyro and Sparyx, the 2 heroes the Louge is looking for. The new heroes then defeat 2 of Ruber's men and Scrrop and Deadpool barely escape.


"But what about boy Sora and Kairi?"

"It's too late for them, we can only save them by getting that sword and finding the purple dragon."

-Spongebob and Shenzi

Kayley and the squad are introduced to Garrett and Spyro. The Louge tells Spyro of Cynder's actions and plans to dstroy Cemelot, prompting him and spayrx to join them. The group then begins the search for Excalibur which leads to a big chase campaign for the sword.

The good news is that the Louge finally found the purple they need to defeat Cynder, but now Kayley's mom and Kairi are captured. Kairi would then soon be used to resurrect Cobra.

Attack on Kayley's village


Decisive Villain League Victory

  • Kairi retaken by the Villain League to begin Lord Cobra's Resurrection

Strategic Louge Victory

  • Shell Louge Escapes and meets with a exile, named Garrett
  • The Louge finds Spyro and Spayrx to combat Dark Cynder


Shell Louge Squad Villain League




Kayley's Mom


Dark Cynder

Sir Ruber

Dr. Faciler

Dr. Blowhole



  • Shell Louge Squad
  • Villagers
  • Spyro, Garrett, and Spayrx (late battle)
  • Villain League
  • Ruber's Iron Men
  • The Griffen

Kairi and Kayley's Mom captured
  • Two Iron Men temporaily disabled
  • Scroop and Deadpool failed their mission.

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